Why Your Website Is Falling Down The League Tables, And What To Do About It

websiteIt turns out that where your website ranks on Google and Bing is paramount. About 80 percent of your traffic comes from organic search, meaning that it is a lot more important than paid search  – a good strategy for firms that are just starting out.

Getting that organic traffic, however, is difficult. So what can you do? Take a look at some of these ideas.

Get Traffic Tip #1: Start Using High-Quality Authentic Photography

Stock photography might look good in principle, but when it comes to helping your site rank better, it’s a bad idea. The major search engines can now smell out stock photography a mile off. Even though it might look good, it’s a sign that your site isn’t as trustworthy as you’d like it to be. Every year, millions of generic, stock websites are set up in the hope of attracting traffic. Few of the people who run these sites want to invest any actual real money into them, and so they grab free photos whenever they can. The problem with this is that Google interprets this as a sign of low quality: if a website doesn’t have unique images, it’s probably not all that useful for its users.

One of the best SEO tips, therefore, is to make sure that your pictures are unique. Studies have shown that companies that use real people in their images, rather than cheesy stock designs, tend to generate more conversions than those that don’t. It’s all to do with authenticity.

According to Depositphotos, people want photos that are candid and reflect everyday activities. Capturing moments of real life helps companies to better connect with their customers.

Get Traffic Tip #2: Use Intuitive Natural Language Interfaces

If you are a business and run a modern website, the chances are that you’ll have more than a few forms for visitors to fill out. Because they are such an integral part of the site and because SEO is determined by dwell time, they need to be given a lot of consideration. Great forms allow people to quickly sign up for newsletters, make payments and register their interest in products. Bad forms are clunky, hard to use and lead to people leaving your website. If the amount of time that people spend on your pages is low, Google will come away with the impression that they are not providing users with value.

The good news is that there are now many options for companies to improve their forms and make the experience better for customers. New form plugins allow companies to build conditional and intuitive forms that help clients communicate with them.

Get Traffic Tip #3: Build A Web App

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that traditional browser interfaces are likely to come to an abrupt halt – at least for businesses. The reason for this is that web apps combine the functionality of mobile apps while also being compatible with the vast array of plugins available through the browser. Companies that rely primarily on web apps will have better customer experience, again enticing customers to come to their platforms, rather than their competitors.

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