Why your Office Building Should Consider a Steam Boiler System

officeMany homeowners still use steam heaters to help keep their homes warm and comfortable especially through cold seasons and weather. Unlike furnace or electric heaters that use forced heated air to keep the house warm, steam heaters use convectional heat transfer to ensure uniform temperature in the house. If shopping for a steam heating system for your home, it would then be wise to learn a few things about the system, how it works, and how beneficial it will be to your house.

How a Steam Heater Works

This system generally uses water which is boiled in a boiler to help create steam. The steam is pumped into a network of pipes whose ends are fitted with radiators to distribute heat. The steam, therefore, travels through these pipes all around the house, which keeps the house warm thanks to the highly efficient heat radiators. If you want a more in depth look, see here.

Benefits of a Steam Heating System

Silent Operation: Steam heaters are remarkably quiet. With no fans running to force hot air into rooms, you get to enjoy smooth operation with optimal performance, just as you like it. As mentioned earlier, heated steam is forced through delivery pipes that silently heat radiators thus warming the air around. If you are tired of the humming sound of fans especially when the heater is on, you should then consider investing in a steam heater.

Heats rooms efficiently: Unlike the traditional forced air systems that heat rooms unevenly, this type of a heater from a boiler rental company will ensure rooms are heated evenly. This means temperatures on the floor will be almost the same as those in the ceiling. With the radiators placed strategically to facilitate this, you can be assured of warmer homes even at the lowest setting. This comes in handy for those affected by even a slight drop in temperature.

Zoning: The ability to zone out heated areas or rooms is one of the reasons many people are switching to the steam heating system. Zoning is a feature that allows homeowners to turn off heat in unused areas or rooms, and only dedicate heating to commonly used rooms such as the living room, kitchen, and the bedroom. One of the key advantages of this is that you get to enjoy comfort while cutting back on overall heating expenses.

Easy installation: Installing a steam heating system for the first time is relatively easy. The radiators can be installed in walls or underneath floors for even heat distribution. This simply means that you never have to invest in another heating system to help keep the floor warm. Warmer floors, especially in winter, are a dream come true for many people.


A steam heating system is considerably more expensive than other types of room heaters. This makes acquiring such a system a challenge for many people. In addition to this, the system uses an independent network of pipes to deliver steam and heat to all areas. You therefore cannot reuse air-conditioned ducts already in your house, which can be another expense as well.

The system also takes a little longer to initiate or start heating rooms up. This is because water in the boiler needs to boil for steam to be forced into the radiators.

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