Top Tips For Creating Your First App

appThe creation of an app for tablets or phones starts with having a great idea. However, once you have the great idea you need to start weighing all of the options related to the actual creation of the app. Bill Tanaka, the mobile application development director at WeatherBug states that it is very difficult to design an app which is easy to use for various people and compelling.

He states that the best mobile apps are easy, compelling and intuitive. You will need to spend time creating a workflow before focusing on the graphics and user interface. Tanaka states that most apps go through multiple iterations as they become simpler and that even small tasks like designing icons can take a lot of effort, but will be worth the time. If you are thinking of creating your own app then there are a number of points that you should consider.

Do You Need To Be Tech Savvy?

You do not have to be tech savvy, but there will need to be someone on your team who is. The code writing process for apps can be complicated as it is a very details process. Cody Jarrett who created the app Airsleep to help with sleep problems states that this process is a lot like playing connect the dots, but that there are thousands of dots which all have to be connected together perfectly.

Other than the tech savvy coder you will also require a graphics designer as the graphics in apps are very important. There is also the need to have someone who can look at the audio such as music and sound cues for the app. App design, according to Jarrett, is both highly creative and highly technical with both factors being important.

Which Platform Should You Use?

There are a number of different platforms to choose from including iOS, Android and Windows. However, Tanaka states that new app developers should turn to iOS at first because it is considered one of the easier platforms to work with when starting out. This platform offers a smaller range of devices that connect to it so you need to support fewer devices.

There are also a number of template based app tools that can provide you with a fast and easy way to create apps. These provide you with many of the abilities of custom app development but are faster and cheaper – they’re worthy of consideration if that’s the sort of thing you want.

Bobby Valentine, the creator of running app Sociercise, choose iOS to start with as testing is much easier on the platform. As there are fewer devices using the platform you can test the app on a single device like an iPhone. Once you ensure that everything works on iOS you will have a stable app on one of the main platforms. Valentine states that starting with iOS and then branching out onto Android is best.

What Are The Basic Features For An App?

There are certain basic features that all apps should consider having. These include a new user sign-up system, notifications on the device, the ability to make purchases, simple gaming or use, marketing integration and settings to ensure the app works as the user wants it to. Most apps will also have some form of social integrations such as links to social media sites like Facebook. You might want to keep this in mind when creating your app and determine if the social integration is applicable.

What Is The Most Surprising Part Of App Creation For Beginners?

Tanaka states that most beginner app creators make the mistake of underestimating how important the user interface is to app success. He states that they have recently completed a total overall of the interface design and found that their user engagement and page views have increased. Giving users a positive experience on the app is important because this will ensure that they spend more time on the app in the future.

You should also not create your app and then forget about it. Once the app is available you need to keep up to date with trends and not overlook small details like the color you use. When starting as an app developer you need to look at many other apps to get inspiration and ideas for what your app should look like. An example of this change in trend you need to be aware of is when iOS first came out everything was made to look realistic, now iOS uses a flat design.

These tips will stand you good stead if you’re looking at creating your first app and will also be of aid if you continue to make more in the future.

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