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The Industries You Need to be in if You Want Secure Profits

Are you thinking of starting a new company but don’t know which one is best for you? Well, there are a few things to take into consideration when you’re making your decision. First of all, think about what you know and where your areas of expertise lie. Then you will need to think about the startup costs and what potential there is for future growth in those industries.

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Are you thinking of starting a new company but don’t know which one is best for you? Well, there are a few things to take into consideration when you’re making your decision. First of all, think about what you know and where your areas of expertise lie. Then you will need to think about the startup costs and what potential there is for future growth in those industries.

On top of all that, you will want to choose an industry that offers plenty of scope for making money. After all, that’s what most people start a business to do. There might be other reasons for wanting to start up a new company, but making money is always an aim. If you fail to do that, the business won’t survive for very long anyway.

So, which industries are the ones that are most profitable? There are many industries that are constantly in demand, and they offer some security. Of course, nothing should be taken for granted because failures occur in every single industry and sector out there. But these industries are ones that have always been pretty profitable on the whole.

Accounting & Tax Management

Accounting and taxes might have a reputation for being boring and dull, but they are incredibly profitable. In fact, they are among the most profitable industries in the world. People pay a lot of money to have their accounts and their taxes managed, and you can get involved in this if you want to. There is nothing stopping you from hiring people and starting a company that manages the accounts and taxes of a large number of people. There’s nothing wrong with doing something boring if it can help you to make money and help people out at the same time.


We all use energy. You might use electricity, green energy, oil and gas. These are all things that people and business use each day. Without them, it would be impossible to live in the ways in which we all know accustomed to. The green energy industry is growing at a rapid rate as more people and more companies turn to cleaner ways of powering their lives and business activities. But oil and gas remain very popular and profitable as well. Starting a business in oil and gas extraction is not easy, but there is a lot of money to be made there. When you need steel pipe, steel tubing or sucker rods for your next project visit Varner Pipe.

Legal Services

As long as the law exists, so will legal services. Lawyers are called upon every day, and many of them do incredible work. Without them, we really would be stuck, even if they don’t have the best reputation in the world. Legal services can cover all kinds of different things. For example, you will need help from a conveyancing lawyer when you want to move house. Then there is business law, criminal law and family law. There are so many niches in the industry, so it could be a good area in which to start a business if you want to have a good chance of turning a profit.


Dental practices are very profitable because they provide an invaluable and specialised service. And when people have a dental problem, they are very eager to get it sorted out quickly because they can cause immense pain and discomfort. Dentists are always going to be needed, and you don’t necessarily have to be a dentist yourself to start a business in this industry. You just need to hire a team of people who are qualified, certified and experienced in the profession. There is lots of equipment that needs to be bought if you do start this kind of business, so keep in mind the fact that startup costs might be high.

Warehouses and Deliveries

Ecommerce is one of the best things to ever happen to the warehousing and deliveries industry. All of a sudden, so much of the shopping we do is done remotely. And that means that there is a huge demand for intermediary parties that can store and transport goods to the people who buy them online. It’s something that wasn’t nearly as common 15 years ago. But over that period of time, the profitability of the industry has grown massively. And that’s why it could be a really good time to jump onboard and start a company in this sector. However, there is plenty of competition, so you won’t have an easy ride.

Software Services

Creating software that is widely used is not easy, but it is profitable if you can pull it off. Every individual and every business uses software every day. That’s just the way the world we live in now works. You’re using software right now. Every time you look at your phone or carry out a Google search, you’re using software. And there are all the apps, games, business software and a million other examples that are used every day. So, creating software is certainly profitable, as long as you have the skills and abilities to do it right and create something new. That’s the tricky part, but if you have a background in this kind of work, you could pull it off.

IT Support

IT systems are prone to breaking down. Anyway who has worked in an office knows how catastrophic a tech failure can be. Everything grinds to a halt, and no work gets done. That’s why IT support companies are so profitable. It doesn’t cost much to start them up or keep them running because it’s all about the skill of the people employed by the company. But so many companies hire IT support businesses to help them out when something goes wrong. When you consider the amount of things that can go wrong and the number of offices up and down the country with IT systems, that’s a lot of work to go around.

Gaming Technology

Gaming is one of the largest and most profitable industries on the planet. In terms of entertainment, it is now starting to eclipse other things such as Hollywood films and TV. So, getting onboard and taking advantage of the situation right now might be a very good idea for you. There are all kinds of ways to do this. But the technology and hardware side of things is moving forward at a particularly fast rate. For example, virtual reality is becoming a really big deal in the gaming industry. And that’s just one example. If you want to get involved, you will have to know what you’re doing and build a team full of technological talent.

Snack Foods

Food is always going to be in demand. We all eat, and we all like to buy the tastiest products. Snack foods are particularly popular, and this is where the biggest profits can be found. It’s a big sector, though. There are all different kinds of snack foods out there, and they offer different things to consumers. There are the treats, such as chocolate, which are blatantly unhealthy but undeniably appealing. But at the same time, there are also snack foods aimed at a more health-conscious kind of audience. The health food sector is growing all the time, so maybe this should be your niche when you start a business.


This is another one of those industries that are growing fast right now. Medical sectors in general tend to be very profitable. That’s because we’re all human and we all get sick. That means we all need treatment and medical assistance from time to time. But telehealth is different because it is all done remotely. What that means is that patients can get help from doctors without meeting them in person. They can talk to a doctor, describe their symptoms and get basic help and advice from wherever they are. It’s a good thing because people are so busy these days; many people simply don’t have time to take a trip to a doctor’s office.

Real Estate Agency

Real estate agencies are used by millions of people around the world every year. These are the people that help you to sell your home and find a new one. The process of moving house is stressful at the best of times, and that’s why people don’t want to make it even more stressful by doing everything alone. Instead, they hire estate agents. So, if you have a business full of real estate knowledge and expertise, people will definitely come to you and take advantage of your services. The ups and downs of the property market won’t really affect your profits much either. People are always buying properties, regardless of price fluctuations.

These are not the only industries in which you can turn a profit. But if you want the security that comes with operating in an industry that has, historically, always been profitable for good companies operating in it, these should be considered. To turn that profit and find success will require hard work whichever industry you work in, though.