Super Software Solutions: Make Your Business Great Again

cloudWhen a business starts out it would have started using specific software set out by yourself. But as time passes, software gets better and new software is released entirely. If you want to make the most out of your business then you need to improve and upgrade. Although your current software may be doing the job you need it to do, it could be better, leaving your customers more satisfied and your people working in a far more productive way. Here software optimisation tips are explored and new software highlighting, leaving you with multiple ways in which to improve and perhaps even expand your business.

Cloud Based Computing

It has been around for a few years now but only recently has it really taken off as a viable business option. It can really make your business stand in in multiple areas. Microsoft Azure is an example of a great cloud computing platform. Cloud computing allows you or any of your employees working in the field to access all kinds of business data and email, allowing them to work from a client base and provide exactly what they need. It stops them having to carry around a memory stick or hard drive to show your clients what they need to see. It also limits the usage of servers which are expensive to upgrade and maintain. Security is less of a risk too, with viruses like malware and spyware finding it harder to infiltrate your systems. This transfers to acts of god, fire and water no longer provide a threat to cloud based systems.

Keep Your Software Updated

You need to keep updating your software. Sometimes a business’s firewall or antivirus software will stop a programme updating. If this happens you may not even notice. Keeping software updated means it receives the latest information and allows it to properly work with other, newer software. The updates may also include added services or elements that could make certain processes faster, thus increasing business productivity. You should check your programmes and set them to update automatically, otherwise they could drastically slow down your systems. If you want more control you should allow them to send you notifications, then you may be able to choose exactly which elements of the software you want to update.

Defrag Your Hard Drive Once A Week

Defragmentation is a great way of keeping all of your programmes and files in good shape whilst also ensuring your computer and network systems run fast and smooth. If you are constantly creating and deleting client files and information then sometimes space is occupied between files, useless space that takes up memory and drags down the overall potency of your systems. Defragging your hard drive finds and deletes these spaces and squashes your files together. This means you have more space and more memory to do things on your systems and it runs way better. Doing it once a week doesn’t take long and keeps everything in sync. You should try assigning the job to one employee. Set it to run in the morning or evening, so it doesn’t take anything away from the usual business operation.

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