Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Exhibition Stand

exhibitionThere is a lot of business that you can win when you attend an exhibition or trade show, so it is a worthwhile investment for your business. If you have never attended an event before, then make sure to research for some excellent tips on attending exhibitions and trade shows. If you want to hire an exhibition stand before you make the investment on having one built, there are some important questions to ask each contractor before you hire your display stand.

What can you offer to meet my requirements?

It is important that you work out what you need before you approach any contractors, and you will also need to have a budget. When you have an exact brief and budget for your exhibition stand, you can then provide these to potential companies and ask them if they can meet your requirements.

How quickly can you deliver?

Ideally you will have plenty of time before the event, but sometimes you may need a stand within short notice. You will want to find out how quickly a company can fulfil your requirements if you need something at short notice, as well as their standard lead times.

Who will set the stand up?

It is important to make sure that the hired company will set up your stand for you, meaning there will be a lot less to prepare for the event before it starts. Having your stand built for you will allow you to dedicate your time to making sure that everything else is ready for the event. If they do not offer a complete service, it is important to find out what is included in the service that they offer.

Can I visit your facility?

If the company is close to you, then you should ask to arrange an appointment and visit their premises before committing to using their services. Most companies that hire exhibition stands will be happy for you to visit their location and see their different products, as well as how the business is set up and is run.

Do you have examples of your work and customers that I can talk to?

A lot of quality companies will also be able to show you examples of their work, as well as put you on to customers that are happy to endorse them for their products and services. Speaking to customers and seeing examples of previous work is an excellent way to judge a company in the level of service that they offer, as well as the quality of their exhibition stands.

Why should I choose your company?

It seems like a relatively straightforward question, but it is one that many people do not ask. Do not be afraid to put each business on the spot and see what they have to say for themselves.

There are other questions that you will want to ask, but these are some of the most important ones that you need to remember. With a bit of research, you will be able to choose an exhibition stand contractor that offers quality stands at reasonable rates, coupled along with excellent levels of service. Take your time and do your research and you could soon be driving your business forward.

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