Building your Business from Home: What Not to Do

officeBuilding your own business has always been an attractive proposition. You get to be your own boss, you have full control over your company and you get to work on something that you are truly passionate about.

With digital technology playing an increasingly important role in our lives, many individuals are now choosing to start their business from the comfort of their own homes, offering website design, blogging, software development or any number of services that can be delivered remotely.

However, just because your business is based at home, doesn’t mean it is exempt from the usual dos and don’ts. Here are a few of the things that you should definitely avoid.

Don’t be a technophobe

If you’re operating a digital business from your home it is safe to say that you know how to use a web browser at the very least, but don’t be afraid to explore the other business tools that are available online – many of which are completely free.

Useful software is now available for almost every aspect of business, from accounting to HR, so make use of it!

Don’t be let down by image

Marketing is so important to your business and a poorly designed website can easily send potential customers running off to a competitor. Read more about the kinds of tools available to help create an online presence that gives your business the wow factor it deserves.

Don’t hire just anyone

Once your business has grown, you may need to outsource work to a freelancer or hire a digital agency to offer assistance. This could end up being one of your biggest outgoings, so think carefully before you commit. Ask yourself if you really need to hire someone and how the new recruit is going to move your business forward.

Don’t sit on a goldmine

If you’ve got a great idea for an app or a website, but are worried about whether you can execute it perfectly, then you may never send it out into the world. No business is perfect, so don’t wait around while a competitor may be developing the very same idea. The world of business moves fast and you need to act quickly to keep up.

Don’t ignore your customers

Your customers will ultimately decide whether your home business is a success or failure so make sure you listen to them. Ask for feedback whenever you complete a project and if you’re looking for more information, why not create a bespoke survey and send it out to your mailing list?

Don’t lose control of your finances

Running out of money is one of the primary reasons for small business failure. Keep a close eye on you finances at all times and try to keep the right balance between taking risks and being overly cautious. Growth is important, but don’t try to run before you’ve learnt how to walk.

Starting your own business from home is a challenging task, but also a hugely rewarding one. If you follow the tips above there’s no reason you can’t make your dream come true and find success with your very own company.

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