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Awesome Tips For Better Marketing From Instagram

Instagram is now starting to view its community that is packed with captivating videos and rich images in a more business friendly manner.

The company unveiled, on its Instagram for Business blog, new research on how many of the most successful brands, such as Disneyland, Ben & Jerry´s, Patagonia, just to name a few, are using their network for marketing and having profound effects.

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How important is Instagram to marketing your business? You may not ditch Facebook for Instagram, but if your business audience is people between 18 and 34 years old, Instagram can not be ignored.

More than 60% of 2 billion active users are in that age group. Instagram is open for business, and they are keen to show users how to grow, promote and collaborate with their Instagram followers.

The company unveiled, on its Instagram for Business blog, new research on how many of the most successful brands, such as Disneyland, Ben & Jerry´s, Patagonia, just to name a few, are using their network for marketing including:

  • Collabs
  • Product launch tags, stickers, detail pages

Instagram was always going to target businesses for the marketing dollar. When it was the new kid on the block as social marketing networks go, it released a book titled The Instagram Handbook for brands. In it, they profiled eleven brands as especially engaging and ten hashtags that are highly popular.

Here are five top tips from some of Instagram’s favorite accounts:

  • Always stay true to yourself
  • Prize experiences
  • Look for meaning
  • Inspire community action
  • Be self-aware

If a brand can offer a pervasive glimpse into the experiences they can provide, then why feature basic product shots suggest the Instagram follower tool Like4like? For example, the consumer shot videos and images featured on GoPro’s account, providing a complete sense of the company’s essence.

Although not synonymous with scenic imagery, Instagram says that General Electric is successful in showcasing how meaningful technology is to people. Transporting remote wind farms and shots of giant engine factories to illuminate the myriad of man-made wonders the company offers.

When it comes to building communities and rousing interactivity, Nike and Chobani have succeeded with hashtag campaigns that include #creationaday and #runfree. These respectively showcase yogurt concoctions that are particularly appetizing and celebrate runners from various locations.

Because they understand what it is about their brand that people love, which is the beautiful simplicity of their bikes, Mission Bicycle successfully uses that knowledge to “capture new customers’ imaginations,” Instagram said.

Our Tips on How To Rack Up The Instagram Likes!

Follow a Pattern

Make sure you know who your audience is and what you are trying to achieve with your posts. Make sure that what you write follows a similar pattern across the board. If you are consistent, you will gain more followers.

Post Frequently

Some people are worried about posting several times a day. They believe that the more they post, the fewer people will pay attention to them. However, studies indicate that this is not true. There is no negative relationship between the number of times you post and the amount of interaction you receive.

Incorporate Calls To Action

When you write captions for your pictures, incorporate a call to action. You can get more of your followers’ attention if you ask them to do something, like write a comment about what you have posted.

Don’t Forget About Suggested Users

Navigate over to your settings and choose the gear icon. You’ll find it to the right of your screen, at the top. Choose “Find / Invite Friends.” Then select “Suggested Users” to follow them.

Schedule With Latergramme

You need to post often to get more followers, but you will not always be in front of your computer. Latergramme can help. Write out your post and set it up to post at a later date so that you don’t neglect your account.

Geotagging Is Important

You want to pay attention to Geotagging, particularly if you are running a business. When you add a geotag to your pictures, those that also post pictures in your area will be able to see what you have put up. You might attract more followers this way!

Make A Collage

If you really want to attract attention, make a collage that consists of many different pictures. Something like PicFrame can help you.

Get Involved

You’ll read a lot of different advice on how to get followers on Instagram. However, the most critical thing you can do is engage. Like pictures and write good comments. Look for people you want to follow and interact with them. This will only help you going forward.

Go With Blue

Blue pictures seem to attract a lot of attention, at least more attention than pictures that are red or orange. Make a concerted effort to include more things that are blue.

Work On Wednesdays

Some studies show that posting on a Wednesday will get you more attention than posting on another day of the week.

Encourage Commenting

If you write the word “comment” in your post, people are more likely to comment. Be specific and direct, and you are more likely to get what you want.

Always Tag

If you can tag someone in your picture, make sure you do so. Your image will then be in that person’s feed, potentially giving you more exposure if they share the photo.

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