97 Percent Of Businesses Fail, Break The Trend

startIf you’re thinking about starting a business you need to know that the cards are already stacked against you. Over ninety percent of new businesses fail in the first year. The owners of these companies can blame a number of different factors for these failures. But ultimately, if your company falls it will be you who is to blame. It’s your decisions, your choices and the way you run your company. So, what is the secret to making sure that your business is still a success years down the line?

Build A Profile

If you want your business to be a success you need to think about you, the individual behind it. You must make sure that you can market yourself as a brand to sell. If you look at the top companies in the world today, you will see that most of them have leaders who people know and like. Richard Branson is perhaps the best example of this type of businessman. He is at the head of one of the most successful businesses in the world. He looks like it too, often seen jetting around in tropical locations. But he also does a lot of work for charities and ensures the working population knows who he is.

Of course, in the modern world things are a lot simpler. It’s possible to just stay in the public eye by building up a profile online. This is the easiest way to show who you are and what you can offer customers. As your business builds, you’ll find it becomes more difficult to manage your entire online profile. At the start though, you should certainly be working to complete this job yourself. That way, you can keep costs low and connect with potential business partners as well as customers.

Get Training

It’s important businesses clients and customers see you as someone that they can trust. In this case, that’s about making sure you have the training and experience to show you’re professional. By getting a business management online degree, you can work to build up this type of reputation quickly. You’ll be able to show that you do have both knowledge and experience. One of the key problems with the modern start up business is that anyone can set one up. This means that you get a lot of people who essentially do it on a whim. You don’t want to be seen as having that type of attitude. Make sure you take the role of running a business seriously.

Sell On A Promise

The promise we’re talking about is quality. Business owners need to know that you can deliver exactly what their company needs and what their customers want. Or, if you’re not selling to other businesses, a product that customers can trust. If you do this from the beginning, you’ll be able to build up a solid reputation on the market. You can use this to strengthen your position and ensure your company has enough loyal customers for longevity.

It’s going to be a long road to finding success on the market. But these tips should help you win.

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