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Marketing And Promotion: Tools That The Web Provides

What does your business need to survive? Well, if it’s a physical storefront, a brick and mortar presence, then it will need good heating, a roof, a lockable door. You will need products to stack the shelves and employees to work in the store.

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What does your business need to survive?

Well, if it’s a physical storefront, a brick and mortar presence, then it will need good heating, a roof, a lockable door. You will need products to stack the shelves and employees to work in the store.

But how do you get all of this? Well, you need cash. Cash is everything for a business, and a regular income is the difference between life and death in the commercial world.

Well, you need to sell your products to garner an income. So now you’ve got a fully stacked shelves and employees ready to process the exchange of goods in your store.

But, no-one comes into your store. Not one product is sold, and your 9-5 is spent dusting the products that not a soul is purchasing.

Do you know why this is? There’s an easy answer.

Not once was the marketing process mentioned, at all.

The key to a business is cash, as we’ve already discussed, but how do you get this? You sell your products, of course. But the public needs to know about your business and the products you sell otherwise, no-one is going to buy anything. Marketing is the middle-man between concept and customer and will get your products into the hands of the right people and there are great people out there who will help you with every step (

The right people. Yes, you’ve got to decide on a specific type of person who wants your product and will continue to buy from your business. Not many products or services will capture the hearts of every human being on the entire planet, so you need to find your direct audience or a target market.

That first step, is where the internet comes in. If you have some sort of web presence, you can expect website visitors. It’s rare that people will end up on your website for no reason at all. If you receive visitors, you can actually find out who they are with services like Google Analytics. This will offer you a breakdown of who is visiting your website and what they are looking at. It might tell you their interests or location. You can use this data to start building a picture of your target market.

But you need to take the next step to gain a complete picture, but how do you get data from your website visitors? Well, you can cold-call them, or you can try and generate a lead. Lead generation is all about finding leads (people interested in your business). The easiest way to do this is to offer a service on your site in exchange for data – name, age, job role. If you collate this data and combine it with the data given to you by Google Analytics, you’ll have a good image of your target audience. This is invaluable as you’ll now know the people who are most interested in your business and if there is a pattern, you can structure your business to attract that type of person.

Generating a lead gives you enough information to reach out to a person and offer your services as they were the person to initiate contact. Get into their brains and onto their radar.

You should already have a great website if you’re going to market through the internet, so if your site isn’t in good condition, get it there and fast. You’ll need it going forward and whilst you can design your own with Wix, Squarespace and WordPress, you might want to consider a professional to do the work for you so you can get up and running faster.

To market regularly, you’re going to need some kind of social media presence. Thanks to the data you’ve been collecting, you’ll know who to reach out to and you can put faces to the numbers. The more you post and interact, the more your business will benefit. It’s the 21st century and there’s no reason not to interact with your audience anymore. Get involved, and you’ll get out of it exactly what you put into it. Don’t overdo it though, there’s a big difference between using and abusing social media, so don’t harass your loyal followers with a hard sell all of the time.

A search engine company ranks amongst the world’s biggest corporations. That company is Google and the benefits that a simple site offers to you number in the hundreds. So, what can a search engine do for you? Now you’ve defined your target audience and compared it to your products and services; you should know exactly what your products offer to the target audience.

You use a search engine to answer questions, so why shouldn’t your business become the answer to your target audience’s question? That’s where SEO (search engine optimization) comes in. Search engine optimization can help you climb the search engine rankings to ensure that your website is top when a question or phrase is searched. It’s all about gearing your site to take advantage of keywords to climb those rankings and get into the face of your target audience. You’ll have all the data needed to do this after having a clear picture of your target audience thanks to Google Analytics, lead generation and social media and the final step is optimizing every facet of your business to aim at your target constantly and consistently.

There are so many tools that the internet offers to your business and the chief among these are the marketing weapons that it supplies to your business. We’ve listed a number above and despite the internet being a very scary place for a beginner, you’ll need to explore more options and keeping digging to do better than the competition. You’re the expert on your business (or your should be) and after doing your research on internet marketing, you’ll know exactly what direction to go in. The world is your oyster and nothing is stopping you, so get out there and revolutionize your business and capture your target audience, and their money!

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