Burning Out: How To Maintain Your Work-Life Balance

worklifebalanceAs the owner of a business, it’s pretty easy to end up feeling as though you need to be the one to deal with every single problem. After all, the buck stops with you, doesn’t it? The chances are that you’ve got a pretty big stake in your business, both financially and personally. That’s part of the reason that so many business owners find it so hard to “switch off” at the end of the day. Plenty of people know the feeling of being unable to stop thinking about some important part of the business, or upcoming deadline or meeting. The problem is that not only does this not actually help your business, but it can also have a seriously negative effect on your life as a whole. A good work-life balance is incredibly important and here are a few ways that you can achieve it.


The biggest way that many business owners end up completely destroying any semblance of work-life balance is by trying to do everything themselves. It can be tough to let go of your business and trust that other people will take good care of it, but in the end, letting go will make things easier for both you and your business. If you’re trying to do everything, you’re eventually just going to burn out and then you’re no good to anyone. The best thing that you can do is to hand over certain responsibilities to other people. That can be delegating to trusted employees or outsourcing to professionals for things like bookkeeping services.

Turn off the tech

We are more connected than any generation before us. Of course, this comes with plenty of fantastic benefits, but it also carries some risks. Being constantly connected through technology makes it that much harder to step away and forget about work. Few things that destroy the peace of an evening at home like the buzzing of your phone filling up with work emails. Setting your phone to silent, or even turning it off entirely, when you’re not at work can make it that much easier to turn off and forget about your business for a while.

Learn to say no

This is the biggest thing that can all but destroy your work-life balance. It’s perfectly natural to try to help people when they come to you with problems. But remember you’re just one person. As much as you might want to, you can’t possibly solve everyone’s problems. In the end, there has to come a time where you’re able just to say no. It’s far better to say no to doing a task than to accept it and end up doing a half-hearted, lackluster job on it. If you’re overworking yourself then whatever you’re doing isn’t going to get your full attention or energy. This means that the quality of your work is going to suffer more and more unless you actually take some time to recharge.

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