After Work Family Fun

It’s that time of year when we look forward to the festive season and some time away from work and the office. Vacations or holidays used to be about spending some quality time with family and friends and that usually meant travelling somewhere far away. However organising time together is a lot harder today. Just getting your spouse and children in one room together for a few hours is tougher now and that includes mealtimes.

Sitting around the family table enjoying the evening meal together  is no longer the norm. We work longer hours and stay at work later.  We also want to spend our time doing the stuff we like and that doesn’t usually involve the family.  So how can you inspire your nearest and dearest to come together willingly – even if it’s just for an hour or two?

Short of bribing them with an outrageously expensive holiday you can sign up for a global subscription based entertainment service like the Playster family bundle.

The family plan of this service is a game changer as it enables users to explore all of the media that Playster has to offer. The bookworm in your family can get their fill of literature and audiobooks, the music fiend can listen non-stop to their favorite artist and best of all the family movie and game night are a cinch with all of the options Playster has to offer games, movies, music, and books there’s lots of choice to inspire your family to share and spend time together.

The attraction of entertainment service’s like playster is the flat rate with no variable fees to worry about. Affording luxury holidays and evenings out with your family can be very stressful. However times have changed and we’re quite contented to spend a lot more time at home, probably because instead of having to go to the entertainment it now comes to us!