5 Steps To Your Online Store

Online shoppers list ease of navigation as the primary factor for why they do or do not stay on a website to make a purchase. How many times have you been trying to find information or products and been dragged into an abyss of confusing pop-ups and pages? Products end up in your cart by accident; then it seems like it is impossible to remove them. If you go through a couple of these experiences, you will understand why designing your web store is so critical to the success of your business fully online or not. What should you be looking for when you design your webstore?

Just get started

There are so many details to consider, that it can be overwhelming to even begin the process. Don’t worry, just get started. Perfectionism will hurt your process by dragging you into a cycle of preparedness with no movement to action. Instead, if you take action, then refine as you go, you will get your company online and selling, generating income and growing your market.

Choose an ecommerce website builder

Flexibility for your needs is one of the most important considerations in selecting your builder. You need to have the ability to grow from your starting platform if your business starts to take off. That simplicity you started with to get online, the one you mean to refine as you go, well, it is going to be needing constant tweaking and focusing as your market grows and changes. The easier it is to make adjustments to your store, the less time you have to spend making those changes. If you are a sole proprietor, this can be a critical time use consideration for you when you have to balance webstore work and business management.


If your site takes much time to load, you are going to frustrate customers; frustrated customers mean no business now and no business later. Designing for fast load times is essential for the growth of your business and your eventual income from your store. Optimizing means editing your script or code for fast loading times, it also means limiting your images, videos, and other high volume data for the fastest loading times.

Stand out

Be unique and original when building your site, catch the eye of the buyer then hold their attention with good design and ease of use. Design primarily for ease of use and easy locating of targets. The searching should flow easily from subject to subject. Data about the product should be easily available, and pricing and selection to the cart should be easy. The purchase process should move along quickly and efficiently, getting the buyer from viewing to purchase with as little trouble as possible.


Ensuring you have safe and secure methods for payment will help you finalize the purchase process. Make sure your payment methods are familiar and comfortable to use. Many of the website builders include methods for adding payment options as a part of their packages.

Remember your experiences as you set out to build your site. Remember those adventures in wasted time, and do what you can to help others not have that experience with your store.

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