5 Alternative Transport Hire Business Ideas

If you’re a driver looking to start his own business don’t settle for a taxi company. Luxury private transport hire is a lucrative business that many have made a career in. And whilst the clientele may be more demanding in this sector, such can work can often be a lot more rewarding! Here are some taxi alternatives that may give you the drive to start your own business!

Classic Car

A classic car isn’t as expensive a purchase as you might think, especially as many are exempt from road tax. You can further make your money back by turning your classic car into a business opportunity. Many would love the opportunity to be chauffeured around in a Rolls Royce or a Mustang for the day. Many choose the wedding day as this perfect opportunity. Given people are always getting married and classic cars are only getting rarer, you can guarantee you’ll always find a demand for this kind of business.


Owning a limo can make you hundreds in a night. Businessman wanting to travel in style and party-goers wanting to feel like celebrities all pay good money to hire a stretch limousine. There are various vehicle types available including your traditional limos and more modern hummer varieties. The cost of a vehicle can be steep, but like all these transport hire businesses, you can make a swift return.

Party bus

This fun business idea takes your average urban commuter transport vehicle and turns it into a nightclub on wheels. Party buses extend the idea of limos and are able to fit even bigger parties on board, allowing an even greater amount of space to move around. They ensure that the party never stops and that groups of people can go crawling bars without ever having the chance to sober up. The cost and permit to purchase one is far greater due to the size of the vehicle, but due to party size that it can serve, you can charge even greater rates.

Fire engine

An even more quirky alternative to the party bus, some have even turned fire engines into transport systems. Generally this is an extra service provided by fire companies, but you can buy an ex-service model and dress up as a fireman and who else is to know? Needless to say, these are very popular amongst hen parties.

Horse and carriage

You said modern transport had to have an engine? For those eager to soak up a bit of romantic tradition, a horse and carriage can be the perfect taxi service. Obviously you have the maintenance costs of looking after horses and you’ll need some training dealing with these animals and a license to take them on the road. However, when calculated, it can work out cheaper than a road vehicle. A carriage doesn’t cost much to buy or maintain. And instead of petrol, you just need to ensure your horses are well fed. Medical costs may even be less than vehicle repair. A possible option for animal lovers.