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Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Digital Marketing Campaign

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Digital Marketing is the most efficient and effective way to advertise any product or service today. It could be done either offline or online. However, the latter is way more successful, especially for businesses, companies and entrepreneurs. Marketers choose digital online marketing way more than offline due to its proven and tested results.

It is easy to use Google and search what digital marketing is. Any average college student can make a paper about digital marketing in order to pass a subject in Marketing. However, only a few have the courage to dig deeper about Digital Marketing.

As we enter the world of digital marketing, one gets curious as to why digital marketing is effective in doing its job. Are there techniques that should be followed or applied? And how do these strategies work for your business? So, in this article, we will try to identify the realm of digital marketing.

Since digital marketing has two types, this article limits to focus on the digital online marketing only. Surprisingly, digital online marketing has seven categories: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Pay-per-click advertising (PPC), Affiliate Marketing, and Email Marketing. They will be discussed individually below for a better an understanding of each.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What does Search Engine mean? When browsing the web, we look for the box where we can type keywords or characters and click enter then wait for the internet to do its thing. A search engine like Google and Bing will give us direction to where we should be going by providing links to websites.

But how about Optimization? How does it work? It only means that the more you develop your design, the more you update the content of your writing, the more relevant links you have, the better chances of optimization. It is like playing the lottery. The more lottery tickets you buy, the more chances of winning.

Combining these terms to one only means that you optimize your online content, the better chances that Google will include it in their list for Top Results. SEO is very magical that it can perform so many things.

SEO has two types, White Hat and Black Hat

Since we want to help marketers build their business the right manner, we will not waste our time on the bad scheme part. But to give everyone a fair warning, we will help you to identify what type of SEO you might be dealing with. If you ever encounter on the web that seems to be crappy, spammy or cannot be trusted a site, well, that’s probably Black Hat. So now to the right corner of the ring.

White Hat has strategies that are followed strictly. To help your online content optimized in a slow but efficient way, you need to have relevant content. Make sure links and references are provided well.

Content is King, right? A relevant content goes with a well-labeled image. This will make people stay on your page. Imagine persuading people with a boring presentation. That is not healthy for your home page. Make it as creative as you can to make people get hooked. Content should have correct grammar and spelling. The composition of the paragraph should be coherent. Try to provide consistency in your words so that it will be easy for them to identify what you are advertising.

White Hat strictly follows a standards-compliant HTML. Unique titles do a big help as well. But given all these information yet you achieve no progress yet? Well, when you choose the right side of SEO, it really takes a little while to gain customers. However, there are quick steps that are worth trying.

Without keywords, there shouldn’t be SEO, right? So, you should start from here first. Choosing the right words to use is the hardest part, especially for those who are just beginning the process. That is why it is very important to think of few keywords that might attract potential customers to your home page. According to Backlino, plug in those keywords into Google Keyword Planner. And lastly, you should pick the best keyword coming from the combination of search volume to help you get the best keyword that has the most appeal to potential customers.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine encompasses two things which are optimizing and marketing. Since we are done explaining SEO, we will now deal with SEM. Search Engine Marketing was originally known as “search marketing” and is best described today as paid search marketing. Since SEO and SEM came from the same branch, the only difference from these two is their listings. We know SEO earns traffic through unpaid search listings. On the other corner, SEM buys traffic through paid search listings. So, what is paid listing? Paid listing has a tough history in staying the light. From the date when Search Engine was created, these listings were organic which means these are unpaid listings originally. It takes years before paid listings became the regular option. Summer of 1996 when paid listings first appeared, a few years later, it then disappeared. It only came back to life, again, in a big way when GoTo launched on February 21, 1998. As the opportunities for paid listing grew, it paved the way to the formal separation of SEO and paid listings. Thus, the birth of SEM came through.

Content Marketing

What do you get on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and blogs? You get to view pictures, watch videos, read tweets, statuses, comments and the rest. You love to hear great stories that are why you follow them. This is because you like it, you love listening or watching them and you are hooked by the way they give a story. Basically, storytelling and a combination of advertising are what Content Marketing tend to be. You don’t have to worry about protecting your copyright for your contents. You can do that with the help of intellectual property lawyers if you want.

Content Marketing is “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience… and ultimately, to drive profitable customer action” according to the definition given by Content Marketing Institute. With the definition given above, we understand how Content Marketing does its job. In simple words, they build a strong relationship with their customers or buyers by giving them a consistent, valuable content.

Content Marketing has something to do with trust, loyalty, and satisfaction. If you discover the best Korean restaurant in town, the thing you’ll do is Like their Facebook and Share a story to your friends how satisfied your experience was last night. Content market is widely available in Social Media these days. Won’t you agree? Almost everyone is on mobile devices these days. This kind of marketing is so much cheaper than television ads.

Social Media Marketing

Marketers found a fun way to advertise or promote their product using social media in a not so pushy and hard-selling style. It is now possible to buy a Geneva Watch from Lazada through Facebook. Have you heard that Kylie Jenner just launched her cosmetics line on Instagram? How about the commercial on YouTube that you can skip after five seconds?

Social Media Marketing has four methods to do this campaign. It can be done using the following: Email marketing is when they reach your inbox, and you get an email. In referral marketing, what they do is using referrals and word of mouth. Content marketing which was explained already. And, Native advertising that can be done in either article or video.

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) This category of Digital Marketing makes money every time someone clicks their advertisement online. Search Engine as a form of PPC is one of the most popular forms. Bidding occurs for ad placement. Each time someone types a keyword that is relating to your business, a search engine like Google will advertise you.

Affiliate Marketing

This category of Digital Marketing is a method of revenue-commission sharing. How does it work? Each time you promote a product or brand from someone’s company, you will get a piece of the share after. Is it easy? Well, it only depends on upon the product, brand or the name of the company you are promoting. One thing or two, you need to be charismatic to persuade people.


For starters, if you want your product or company to earn and become successful, then you have to do it the right way. When we say right way, you need to know all these strategies to know better where your product or company could earn better. Also, as a new marketer, you have to choose the right way to promote your business. You need not deceive people for the sake of earning fast. When you want to build your company, one must have a reputation for providing the happiness of your potential buyers.

These strategies are a big help to improve your existing business as well. At the end of the day, you will be building connections and relationship with your customers so better make it right.

We wish to thank Heidi Kim. She is a professional business consultant and legal researcher focusing on business laws. She is passionate in helping those who have any queries regarding business laws and how these may affect their respective businesses. Follow on Twitter @gehreslawatty