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Let Your Sales Blow the Roof: Essential Outreach Advice for E-Commerce!

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The world of e-commerce is a very competitive one. Which, assuming you’re already in e-commerce, you’re probably very much aware of! But even if you’re only in the first steps of starting such a business, you may be a bit nervous about how much competition there is. How exactly can you stand out? Well, the key may be in how exactly you get your outreach done.

Here are some essential outreach tips for e-commerce businesses. We’re going to be straying away from most of the traditional digital marketing practices. Make sure you read up on other strategies, too!

Essential outreach tips for e-commerce businesses

Social media

Mentioning social media in an article like this is almost too obvious. (Especially because we wrote a whole article about it recently.) But there are so many e-commerce businesses who simply don’t use it enough. They want to focus all their efforts on the website itself. But you have to try to connect with potential customers over social media. Especially when you consider that many people like to use social media as customer service these days.

Soliciting reviews

So you’ve got a new product that you want to get out there. Well, why not find a blog that reviews products like yours? You could send free items in exchange for a review from their blog. This is a very effective strategy, especially in the realm of independent mom-and-dad blogs. Just be sure you’re not trying to encourage them to give you a positive review! If you want a positive review, then make sure you’re giving them a quality product. If you instruct them to give you a good review, they’ll probably decline the offer. They would lose a lot of credibility, after all!

Guest posting

This is an important part of influencer outreach. This sees you blogging for other websites – websites that are more popular than yours. Websites that have strong swing in the field you’re in. Sure, you should be setting up your own blog. It’s definitely going to help with your SEO. But getting your thoughts on the website that’s already got a lot of influence? It’s a great marketing opportunity. Basically, you’re putting yourself in front of someone else’s audience. And if you impress them enough, their audience could very well become your audience, too. For more information have a look for a guest post guide online.

External links

Wait – the focus is on bringing people to your website, right? So why would you use links that send you to other websites? That’s because external links – or outbound links – are an important part of SEO.


A lot of people overlook this vital outreach tactic. If you link to high-quality websites with plenty of popularity, your website will be seen as more trustworthy. Plus, smart webmasters can find out who is linking to their website. This means that they could see your website, giving you further exposure. Who knows? Maybe they’ll reciprocate with a link to your website!


Just because you’re in e-commerce, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get out there do some physical networking! There are a bunch of cool e-commerce events on the horizon. These allow you to meet with potential customers and business partners.