Is Your Small Business Drowning in Debt?

debtSmall businesses can face numerous challenges. From clients who make late payments to months when sales are slow, there are many issues that can make your small business drown in debt. The good thing is that you can save your small business by coming up with a good strategy to deal with debt. Here are a few debt reduction strategies for any small business.

Consolidating debt

If you have multiple loans from different providers, consider combining them into a single loan that has a lower interest rate. With this, you will be paying less interest and a single loan. You will also save time by dealing with a single bill every month. But beware that debt consolidation may come with stringent terms. You may be required to put down your assets as security for the loan. If you have a poor credit rating, it may be difficult to qualify for unsecured debt consolidation.

Cut down costs

One of the best ways to reduce debt in a small business is to minimize expenses. If you have assets or equipment in your business that is unused, think of selling it. You’ll be able to minimize on the cost of maintenance and get money that could be put back in the business. You can also cut back on the size of permanent workforce and consider new marketing strategies to boost sales. Talk to your suppliers to find out if they can offer you discounts.

Stack method

This is popular in finance and it involves clearing debts that have the highest interest rate fast. You can still make all minimum payments that are required but use any extra funds to clear debts with high interest rate. This method of reducing debt may take time since most debts that have high interest rates are huge loans. However, you will end up paying less than someone who is waiting to clear high interest rate debts in the long term.

File for bankruptcy

While filing for bankruptcy has its consequences, doing this will allow business owners to pay off debts without losing their assets. You can be allowed to develop a suitable repayment plan that your creditors will approve after filing chapter 13 bankruptcies.

When choosing any method of reducing debt, consider the effect it has on your small business. For instance, you may struggle to remain afloat when you are spending all the money paying debt. Speak to an expert regarding a strategy that would have the most benefit for your business.


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