A Legal Expert Could Help You Get the H-1B Visa

passportThe H-1B Visa is one of the most highly sought after types of American visas, and it is not hard to see why. In short, acquiring the H-1B visa allows you to come to work in the United States. However, not just anyone would be granted this visa, and there are complex procedures and a lot of paperwork involved. Thus, it is useful to hire the services of an expert to ensure peace of mind and success. A visa expert can carefully weigh your options and chances of acquiring the H-1B visa, which will be valid for three years.

Requirements for the H-1B Visa Application

Anybody who is applying to receive the H-1B visa needs a Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent, an employment in a special occupation and a wage. The H-1B visa can be used to sponsor different kinds of occupations, such as professors, lawyers, engineers, architects and fashion models. However, this visa does not provide legal means to be a permanent residence, as it is temporary (valid for three years). The H-1B visa can be extended for up to a combined total of six years. It is designed to help American businesses fulfill their employee needs in cases when qualified American citizens and legal permanent residents are not available to fill up the required positions. This means the hiring company must prove that there are no other ways the company could get qualified workers inside the country except by hiring outsiders with H-1B visas. Additionally, an employer-employee relationship with a company must be shown in order for the H-1B visa to be granted.

Paperwork, And More Paperwork

To call the amount of paperwork required for the H-1B visa application as intimidating is an understatement. Not only the H-1B visa requires a lot of paperwork, but there are also exceptions and special requirements that might be applicable, depending on the type of employment opportunity that you are applying for. A qualified and experienced immigration attorney could ease the burden of paperwork and also make sure that all paperwork be filed without missing any deadlines. In general, some of the required paperwork include: Form I-907 (for Premium Processing Service), Form G-28 (if you have an attorney representing you), Form I-129 (a petition for a non-immigrant worker), Form I-94 (arrival and departure record), Form H-1B (data collection and filing fee exemption supplement), Form ETA 9035 (Department of Labor certified LCA), employer/attorney/representative letters, and school transcripts.

Timing Is Of The Essence

As the H-1B visa is very popular, applications often fill up quickly. Thus, it is imperative to apply as early in the fiscal year as possible. Your immigration attorney could make sure that you have the best chance of success by discussing all the requirements with you as soon as possible. Applying early for the H-1B visa is also recommended because currently, there is an annual cap for the visa at 65,000 visas. The existence of this cap makes a convincing argument for early application.

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