What Makes The Perfect Small Business Office?

officeWhat makes the perfect office? And how do you even judge the results? These are the questions asked by almost every business owner in the quest for more productivity, staff happiness, and more profit. Well, the simple truth is there is no such thing as the perfect office.

What works for Google may not work for your company. A lot of thought is needed to create the perfect office space that goes beyond buying fancy chairs and sleek decor. We’re going to explore some of the attributes you need to consider if you want a workplace that inspires your employees and makes them thrive.

Reflection of company culture

Forget about design for a second, and have a think about your business culture. What is it that motivates your staff? Do you need a workforce that collaborates and puts their brains to better use? In which case, you will want them to get up and walk about, so they bump into each other and spark off new ideas and creative thoughts.

Alternatively, perhaps you need people to focus on specific tasks? In this case, you’ll need to consider the quieter, solo spaces, such as separated offices or cubicles. Of course, the vast majority of businesses would position themselves between these two extremes. And the obvious solution is to provide a workplace that has both options, for all types of workers and personalities.

Evidence trumps imagination

You might have an idea in your head about your perfect workplace. But the chances are that your idea of office heaven will be someone else’s version of hell. When you design an office space, everything from the desks you use to the color of your wallpaper needs to have a reason. So, take a look at the many pieces of evidence out there that can tell you everything you need to know about the science of office design.

It’s also advisable to work with professionals who understand how to create the perfect office space. Companies such as arnoldsofficefurniture.com could bring experience to the table that you don’t have. In business, it’s always best to get expert advice, and it’s no different when you are planning a new office layout.

See the office as an investment

For many years, employers have felt the office space was a cost. But in recent times, savvy business owners have come to know it as an investment. Every piece of furniture or desk space you buy can have an impact on your workforce.

If you spend money on cheap, uncomfortable chairs, for example, they will need replacing on a regular basis. It will also cause your employees posture issues, which will cost you in time off work and unproductivity. So, investing the right money on designing and fitting out your office will reap the rewards. All businesses want to make more profit, be more productive, and eliminate waste. According to 99u.com, you can do all of this – and more – by focusing on the design of your office.

What makes your perfect office? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and join in on the conversation!

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