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How To Quit Your Corporate Job

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Are you keen to live more and work less? Quiet quitting work is not exactly leaving your job, but it’s a step in the right direction of working to live, not living to work!

The great resignation was a warning to businesses to put their staff first and be employee-centric, providing life work balance and other benefits.

Maybe the time is right for you to plan your next move, which may be to pack it all in and escape the pressures of the rat race.

But how does one peel off all the responsibilities of a high-level corporate position and make it happen without turning the entire company upside down?

Some people fear how much leaving their role would disrupt the peace of a company, that they let it paralyze them into holding them back from making a move towards the life abroad that they’ve always dreamed of doing.

Fear not, however. The world will keep spinning, and the sky will not fall. Leaving your high-level position for the open road is possible with just a few preliminary steps.

Save Money

You never know how long it will be before you can find a job to keep you afloat in your next destination. The best thing to avoid money stress is to save a nice cushion of as much as possible before you depart.

Set a goal for how much you can put aside per week, and stick religiously to that amount. Put it in an account that you won’t be tempted to touch. Make it comfortable enough that you don’t feel deprived of your basic comforts in the meantime. Life is all about balance!

Give Your Employer As Much Notice As Possible

It may not be in your favor to let your employer know as much as a year ahead that you have intentions of leaving the company, which could monopolize your position and cause them to immediately seek a replacement leaving you out of a job sooner than planned. However, giving a proper amount of notice is the professional thing to do.

Aim for at least several months’ notice to give your company enough time to find an excellent replacement candidate. Perhaps you can make a suggestion of someone in the company who you already work with.

Properly Train your Successor

Ideally, your company will have found a replacement before you have left so that you can hold their hand and work closely in guiding them through the process. Particularly if it is a tech position. To ensure the best possible transfer of skills to your successor, consider hiring an information transfer company, which is an increasingly popular process in the business world.

Connect With Online Community Before You Leave

If you don’t have any contacts at your destination, use the internet as a tool to connect with other people in that community. Whether locals or ex-pats just like yourself.

By connecting with friends beforehand and building a foundation, you can ensure that you will be well on your way to integrating by the time you arrive at your new dream destination.

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