The Cheapest Marketing Strategies With The Biggest Impact

In such a marketing-heavy business landscape, it’s hard to keep up with all the different methods. There are all kinds of strategies like viral marketing, telemarketing, and trade show marketing. All the various forms of marketing are useful in their own ways.

However, many businesses primarily want cost-efficient methods. Some forms of marketing are particularly cheap and easy to do for yourself. Here are some inexpensive marketing techniques that can have a positive impact on your profits.

Content Marketing

In the Internet-crazed era, fresh content is everywhere. If your business doesn’t already have a blog, you really should start one. Creating articles based on your company can help in many ways. But don’t make content just for the sake of making it- make sure it’s engaging.

When using content marketing, you must have a good content strategy. Let’s say you run a Sportswear shop. People are unlikely to view a 500-word article of you talking your business up. But if you made an article on the top 5 trainers for runners, this would catch a lot of people’s attention. Readers will come for the compelling content and can be converted into customers.

If you want to take content a step further, you could also make YouTube videos. It’s a method that any business can do for themselves, but they may want to spend some money on a content expert to boost their operations.

Social Media Marketing

There are a plethora of social media platforms that businesses can sign up to for free and start spreading their name. It’s a cheap way to reach out to potential new customers that anyone can do.

Many businesses get involved in discussions related to their sector. This has brought about a whole new subform of marketing known as hashtag marketing. Look into how your business can take advantage of hashtags, as this is a good way to get people interested.

Some companies use Twitter to follow potentially interested customers directly. For instance, if you own a fishing gear business, following people who post about fishing can bring you to their attention. You may even find someone with a problem you can contact them to solve.

Referral Marketing

Referral marketing refers to when people recommend your business to other people. It can be through word-of-mouth or the Internet. It doesn’t cost your company a penny, yet is one of the most effective forms of advertising.

It’s important that you deliver a unique and excellent customer experience to your clientele every time. This will make them much more likely to tell friends or post about it on the internet.

Another way to up your referral marketing game is by offering rewards. For instance, giving vouchers or free gifts to customers who manage to bring new customers to you. This can often be done through email referrals.

Street Marketing

While online methods are usually the most efficient nowadays, don’t forget to use offline marketing. There’s a range of street marketing techniques, many of which are cheap to carry out.

Printing posters or stickers and putting them in busy areas can catch people’s attention. They may be drawn towards your business and visit your website later. You could also use IR codes to bring them directly to you.

You should also learn about guerrilla marketing. It’s a method that involves making highly effective ad campaigns on a tight budget.

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