Snap Frames And Other Effective POS Products

menuPOS marketing is essential to every business. Not only does it help to advertise new products, services and deals, it can also be used as a very effective branding tool. When it comes to choosing the right POS products for your business, you should have a good idea on the purpose and uses of each variety so you get exactly what you need.

Snap Frames

Snap frames are versatile POS product. They can be used to hold posters, images and general signs, and their front loading design makes it easy to switch up what they contain. Plastic and aluminium snap frames are particularly popular for being so lightweight, making mounting them onto walls very easy. The incredibly cheap price tag on snap frames certainly helps their popularity, too.

Pavement Signs

For many years, pavement signs have decorated high streets across the country – a testimony to their effectiveness. Their ability to draw customers into a shop and, with double sided frames, advertise to both directions of traffic, make them a POS staple. You can purchase different varieties of pavement signs, from weighted bases to free-standing, so make sure you get the right type for you.


These are particularly popular for pubs and restaurants, where signs need to be changed regularly to advertise daily specials and offers. Chalkboards are also incredibly easy to personalise, and you can make your signs as fun or as formal as you want, adding colour and drawings to attract attention. The aesthetic of chalkboards is definitely one of its major appeals. As is the cost; once you’ve purchased the board and some chalk, you have all you need and don’t have to spend money constantly printing out expensive signage.

Menu Displays

Menu displays are a great POS product, particularly – of course – for places that serve food and drink. You can either go for free-standing cases, which will protect the whole of the menu but are less easy for customers to handle and read, or just the bases, which the menu can be slipped out of for easy reading. You can also purchase menu wall cases that can be placed at the front of your building so potential customers can easily see what’s on offer.

Leaflet Holders

A great way to offer brochures and paper information is by displaying them in leaflet holders. This gives a more professional look to your business than if they were just laid out on a surface. There are a multitude of leaflet holder styles to suit your needs, varying in shape and size, and you have the option of either free-standing or wall mounted holders.

Getting the right POS products for your business is essential to successful marketing and branding. Knowing what you need it for and what will attract your customers is highly important, and also considering practical aspects such as whether you have enough room outside for a pavement sign or shelter for a chalkboard. Taking time to think about what’s best for you will mean you get exactly what you need.

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