Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Social Media Marketing Campaign on Tumblr with These Seven Tips

socialOne of the most often neglected social media sites for marketing is Tumblr. Tumblr features more than million blogs and more than 113 billion posts. The average visit time on Tumblr is longer than Instagram or Facebook. Last year, Tumblr saw an amazing 94 percent growth.  Because of its growth and popularity, Tumblr is one of the most effective marketing tools for social media marketing campaigns. However, in order to get the results, marketing specialists must understand the unique rules of this social media site. If done incorrectly, the business will not see the success that others have experienced. This article will break down the seven most critical details that are needed to experience exceptional growth.

1. Taking Advantage of Tumblr’s Social Media Integration Options

One of the best things about Tumblr is its ability to be fully integrated with your other existing social media sites. For example, if you post on Instagram, you can publish the same post on Tumblr. By posting on both social media sites, you can double the number of followers that you have and your followers from other social media websites can connect with you. Likewise, the things published on Tumblr can be shared across your other social media sites to increase your visibility and entice your audiences on other social media sites to connect with you on Tumblr. Smart marketing specialists understand the importance of using all social media sites for their social media campaigns.

2. Gaining Valuable Dofollow Links from Reblogs

Tumblr makes it easy for its users to share content. Their reblog feature allows users to repost content on each of their blogs. This can help users reach untapped and new audiences. Reblogging posts also counts as Dofollow links. This means each time a follower reblogs your content both your blog and your site receive a backlink as long as you link your blog to your website. On average, a post is reblogged 14 times. As you can see, posting optimized, high-quality content on Tumblr is very valuable to your overall marketing campaign. It will help increase the credibility of your site and garner you more followers.

3. Using Hashtags and Tumblr Search to Discover Content

Tumblr is also an excellent way to discover new content. Tumblr’s hashtag system allows you to quickly find content on any niche using its native search system. To find content, do a search using the appropriate hashtag. All content using that hashtag will be shown. This information can help inspire you when developing new content and can help you determine the type of content that is performing wells. Simply see how many notes are on each post as this number represents the number of reblogs and likes the post has received. Once you have determined the most popular content for your niche, begin creating original content similar to the most popular ones.

4. Catering Your Content Using Tumblr’s Image-centric Platform

The type of content posted will vary from social media platform to social media platform. Certain types of content will be successful on one site and totally ignored on another. Understanding the best type of content that should be used on each site can help ensure your marketing success. Approximately 78 percent of the post shared on Tumblr are image-centric. These are the posts that are more likely to be shared. Because of this, it is essential that you incorporate a graphic element into each of your posts.

5. Know Your Target Audience and Engage with Them

If you already know who your target audience is, it will be easy to target them on your Tumblr account. If you are unsure, do a content discovery to help you determine those that are posting similar content to what you will be posting. These blogs repost and tag niche content and can help bolster community engagement. The rewards for being actively engaged with your target audience are extensive; however, the most important thing to engaging with your target audience is its ability to supply you with consistent reblogs of your content. As your content is reblogged, your Tumblr account and your website will gain in popularity and brand awareness.

6. Identifying Powerhouses within Your Niche

No matter which social media platform you use, it is essential that you begin building relationships with the powerhouses on the social media site. Tumblr shows the most prominent blogs when you do a search query. Furthermore, each powerhouse account will be listed. This information will provide you with opportunities to connect with the best Tumblr accounts and their established audiences. Identify these powerhouses and follow their lead to help maximize your marketing capabilities. This tip is as useful for Tumblr as it is for any of the sites similar to Tumblr, a full list of which can be found at PC Login Online.

7. The Types of Content that Succeeds on Tumblr

– Images

Tumblr users appreciate well thought out and beautiful images. Something as simple as adding a hero image to your links and posts will increase the engagement of your followers. More engagement means more popularity and new followers.

– Memes

Memes generally become viral and are perfect content for your Tumblr account. They can bring attention to your posts and ensure their success. Using memes is a surefire way to increase your exposure on this social media site. Here are some good tips from Inbound Now on making memes.

– Gifs

Gifs are used on Tumblr to express emotions and reactions to the content you have posted. Using gifs signals users that you are serious about your Tumblr account and can help increase your credibility on Tumblr. Tumblr has recently added a gif search tool, which helps you find the best gif for your post.

– Original Content is King

Never regurgitate the same content that is posted on your site. Content that is original is more shareable. Posting original content will garner you more reblogs and backlinks to your site.

As you can see, it is very easy to maximize the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaign on Tumblr. Follow the advice listed above to help ensure your success.

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