From Banners To Sponsored Content: The Changing Face Of Marketing

helloworldIf there is any one aspect of doing business which has more impact than any other, it’s the marketing. And if there is any one aspect which is changing more and more as time goes on, that’s marketing too. Why this might be is itself a long and complex issue. In all likelihood, it has a lot to do with the central importance that the marketing strategy plays in any business affairs. And we can’t forget the fact that the consumer is becoming increasingly more vigilant. They are becoming more and more savvy of marketer’s tricks and techniques. It is often in response to this that the most innovative and exciting marketing strategies arise. But how exactly is the face of marketing changing, and what recent changes seem set to stick? To answer that, let’s take a brief look at some of the major innovations of recent years.

The Role Of Content

In many ways, the marketer’s job was significantly easier in the early days of the Internet. They had open to them many channels which the consumer was not yet aware of. There was a brief period when banner advertisements genuinely worked in a powerful way, for example. These days, such methods are automatically taken by many to be trite or overly obvious. In response to the increasing level of understanding, marketers have had to adopt more subtle techniques. Now, to be seen amongst the flurry of advertisements, it is often better to be as unique as possible. The best marketers know that content is the vehicle which drives successful advertising. Produce fascinating and shareable content, and the brand will take care of itself.

The Integration Of Mobile

The statistics are quite clear on the central role that mobile now plays. Over 80% of emails are now read on a mobile device first. Even if, later, they are replied to on a non-mobile platform. What this means for the marketing team of today is that they will benefit from a more integrated approach. Marketing methods must now be equally adept at appearing on mobile as well as non-mobile platforms. Otherwise, they run the risk of being altogether ignored. Expert like HelloWorld know that this forms a major part of any modern marketing campaign.

The Growth Of Native

As we have already discussed, one of the recent trends in consumer response is that people are becoming particularly savvy. People are gaining an understanding around digital marketing. It is now more obvious than ever to most people what is advertising and what isn’t. This is where native advertising has grown as a response to this issue in marketing. Native advertising is the camouflaging of advertising so that it produces a more positive response. Some of the most powerful recent examples include sponsored content and sponsored feeds. These enable marketers to disguise advertising as something else. This in turn lends credibility to that being stated. Any marketing team which wants to get ahead today need to take this one on board in particular.

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