Empowering Your Line Managers to Recruit

hirestaffIn most companies, the entire recruitment process is primarily the responsibility of the HR department. This traditional way of finding new employees has its merits, but it is not the only way to do it.

If you want to, you can now get your line managers more involved in the recruitment process. The emergence of new HR software like they kind you can read about, and buy, on the Cascade HR website means that those firms who want to take a different approach are now able to do so. For many companies changing the way they recruit will bring many benefits, so if you have not reviewed your recruitment processes now may be the time to do so.

Why get line managers more involved

There are many advantages to getting your line managers more involved in recruiting new staff. Top of the list is the fact that they know exactly what type of person they need to complete the team.

Allowing them to be involved in putting together the job listing, and posting it, is always a good move. Taking this approach means that they can influence the language, and make sure that the emphasis is put on the skill set they need.

Getting the posting right is vital. If the job listing is not accurate, you will inevitably attract the wrong kind of candidates. When that happens it means someone wasting hours going through applications that are not relevant.

Often, it makes sense for the line manager to be the one to review the majority of the applications. Of course, the HR team should do the first sweep, weeding out those candidates that do not have the right qualifications and too many gaps in their experience. However, from that point on it makes sense for the line manager to be the person that identifies who will be considered for an interview. After all, they are the ones that really understand the role that are being recruited for.

The right tools allow collaborative working

This kind of collaborative working can easily be achieved if the recruitment software you use includes a good workflow module. Using this type of programme both your HR and line managers will be able to see at a glance how things are progressing. They will be able to share observations and comments about each potential candidate. This can be done without the need for numerous meetings, phone calls and emails, which will help to speed up the recruitment process.

In many cases, the use of collaborative recruitment software can free up time for your HR team, as well as help your line manager to quickly find the staff they need. The best software takes things a step further, and ensures that new employees can be inducted properly into the company, at the click of a button. When set up correctly the person’s induction timeline can be generated almost automatically, including ensuring that they complete the relevant training programmes before starting work.

If you want to find out more about the benefits of having line managers and the HR team working more closely, you can do so here.

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