2 Ways LinkedIn is a Powerful Business Marketing Tool

linkedinsoccertableLinkedIn is a business tool that can be exactly what it is intended to be – when it’s used right. The problem is that it goes unused by so many, or there are many people who sign up for accounts and don’t know what they’re looking at or how to properly use the site so their profile goes unfinished, just steps away from unlocking its true potential.

It’s easy for everybody who is on the site to opt into the “find contacts through email option” upon sign up, so the average person who has LinkedIn probably finds that they’re getting several emails a day informing them that somebody wants to connect on the site. It isn’t too long before these invitations get annoying and you block out the site altogether.

However, for the individual wishing to increase their visibility and unlock their own potential in the business world, LinkedIn is a powerful tool that can be used in many ways for a host of different purposes. If you’re looking for ways to help yourself in the business world, here are 3 ways LinkedIn in a powerful tool to tap into:

You Can Exclusively Find Jobs

When you build a LinkedIn profile for yourself, you’re basically building a digital resume. Anybody can look at your profile anytime and you can exclusively make connections and find jobs. Since the site is streamlined, you’re not just applying at random like you would on a job site and hoping for the best, you’re creating a very specific image for yourself and it’s available from anywhere.

LinkedIn isn’t only for individuals, it’s also for businesses. Businesses use the site for the same reason that individuals do; to get their name out and to find other businesses and individuals to connect with. For example, if you’re an art student who is looking to find a long term career in that field, you would find Park West Gallery on the site and connect with them. Business is all about connections and getting your face out there. The more active you are on sites like LinkedIn, the more connections you’ll make, the better off you’ll be.

Keep Tabs on What Others Are Up To

Business is funny because it’s all about innovating, but it’s also about copying what others are doing. When one company finds or creates something that is working, other businesses tend to latch on and create their own version of the product. I.e. Toms and Bobs.

You always have to keep a leg up on the market and the way you do that is by paying attention to what others are doing. LinkedIn allows you to do that. Connect with other people, other companies and you get to not only see what they’re doing, you make connections

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