Why It Is Important To Take Pride In Your Workplace

Recently, office furniture retailer, Steelcase did a study with pollsters, Ipsos. And what they found was interesting. They found that a whopping 90 percent of workers were dissatisfied with their workplace. Studies like these highlight the fact that workplaces aren’t always the best places in which to work. Most respondents to the survey said that the major problem was a lack of privacy and ugly surroundings. Every day in the office, for many, felt like a Monday.

But things don’t have to be drab and dull in your workplace. In fact, some of the most successful companies in the world also have the most inspiring places to work. Just take a look at the Google campus. Of course, not all businesses have billions of dollars to throw at their workplaces. But even smaller companies can do a lot to improve their situation. Here’s what to do.

Bring In Plants

Most people know that indoor plants are an excellent way to purify office air. But far fewer people realize that plants are, in fact, mood boosters. It turns out that the greenery in plants make workers feel as if they are in a forest, of sorts. And this feeling can help lower blood pressure and make them feel more relaxed. Office friendly plants include things like orchids and cacti.

Spruce Up Your Exterior

There’s nothing worse than turning up at work every day to a building that looks like a bomb site. It’s bad for business image, and it’s bad for employee morale. If your parking lot is cracked and falling to pieces, use asphalt and paving services to put it right. If your signage is hanging by a thread or missing, get signage maintenance professionals to replace it.

Having premises that look good is of particular importance for businesses who rely on passing trade. A big customer turnoff is companies that lack any curb appeal or look like they’re run down. Ugly shop faces and wrecked parking lots are, therefore, a big no-no.

Create A Chill Out Zone

Many companies are in the midst of a lunch break crisis right now. Only around 20 percent of workers take a lunch break. And the number is even lower for companies in the service sector. You might think, what’s wrong with that? Well, it turns out that missing out on lunch breaks is a drag on productivity. It saps employees of their creativity. And over the long term, it can affect their drive and determination.

Most bosses don’t want to force their employees to take breaks in a heavy-handed fashion. But many can do a lot with their workplace to encourage staff to rest. One idea is to create a place that is actually comfortable and appealing. One of the reasons workers don’t tend to take breaks is because there’s nowhere to go to just chill out. By investing in a comfortable space with sofas and cushions, workers will have somewhere they can just chill for half an hour. Then, they’ll be recharged and ready to go again in the afternoon.

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