How To Make a Business Trip More Fun and Relaxing

TokyoTowerAlthough a business trip will generally involve a very full and tight agenda to really take advantage of your time away from your office, that being said, do not forget that you deserve a certain amount of balance between business and pleasure. When at home, we generally kick up our feet after a hard day’s work. When on the road it is equally, if not even more important to take the time to rest and relax.

At Boston Executive Limo service, their goal is make traveling easy for professionals with a busy schedule, they came to me offering ideas on how this could be done. They’re a limo service that provide a quality car service at Boston Logan Airport and so should know what they’re talking about.

Below are five ways in which to plan your upcoming business trip making room for some relaxation and fun.

Choose The Scenic Route

When on a business trip, even though traffic may still be something we have to deal with, we are able to take a break from our everyday rush hour commute. Get the most out of your schedule being a bit more flexible, on your way back to the hotel take the scenic route and enjoy. This can be done by simply using different streets, maybe surface roads as opposed to the main interstate or perhaps an older state highway.

Being able to move at a slower pace allows you to take in new sights, I can guarantee that there will be less stress then if you were attempting to locate the right exit while traveling at high speeds. Look for routes that can make things fun, like a route that goes near shopping district that is outdoors, this makes for an excellent dining experience.

You can even make your trip more exciting by upgrading from National Car Rentals Emerald Aisle, options that are a bit sportier, such as a convertible, definitely will add a bit more excitement to your business trip.

Choose a Room with a View

Will this be your first visit to Tokyo? Why not have the perfect view of the Tokyo Tower? Do you have elite status with your preferred hotel chain? If your work takes you somewhere that is especially scenic, why not use that status to leverage for a room upgrade? A very simple, yet important trick is simply to ask, while checking in for a better room. If you know what it is you want, it is easier for the hotel staff to accommodate you. Being flexible is always important, if waiting for a better room to become available, offer to leave your bag with the bell staff.

These is the ideal moment in which some of those reward points can be redeemed. Those who travel frequently on business tend to have no interest in using their rewards for vacations, this would mean even more time away from their homes.Upgrading is a simple way in which you can redeem your rewards while allowing your employer to only pay for the reservation they originally made.

Take The Time To Eat Well

If you are a foodie or enjoy eating out when at home, when traveling for work, take the time to research the local food blogs. Never completely rely on fast food and hotel room service simply due to convenience. You are going to have to eat, why not use sites such as Eater to find new food venues. The food you will have will be fresh, varied and much more enjoyable, it will also give you the opportunity to explore the surrounding areas.

If you are staying at an extended hotel, the kind that offers the small kitchen, consider visiting a local farmer’s market for some delicacies you can fix up for yourself. There are some produce, pre-prepped foods and bakery items that can even be prepared with a simple cutting board and microwave. Unless planning on using them the same day and since they require refrigeration, dairy and raw meats should be avoided

Allot Some Time For Activities

Even if during business travel, your schedule is packed with back-to-back meetings there is always a way to be flexible. Seize the opportunity you have to take a break from your normal day to day routine back home.

Due to the time changes, waking up earlier for a morning jog could be easier, you can ask concierges for suggested routes or perhaps enjoy a leisurely breakfast. Before arriving at your destination, do a bit of research and make a list of parks, local attractions and any other tourist activities that catch your eye. Consider visiting when there are less crowds, midweek is a great time.

Stay a Day Longer

IF your trips are busy and do not allow you time to relax, the most simple solution is to stay a bit longer, keep in mind your flight is already paid by your employer. If you return during the weekend, the fare could actually be lower. Check in with your boss and request to change the flight day from a Thursday to Sunday, make a second reservation at your hotel with your own credit card of course and stay a few more days.

If you find yourself in a destination where there is really not much excitement, use the car and visit a nearby mountain or lake resort area.

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