Workplace Secrets For Happier Staff

trafficWe’ve all had jobs we’ve loved and jobs we’ve hated. Now that you’re an employer yourself, I’m sure you want to provide a workplace that lifts your staff’s mood, rather than bringing it down. Even if you don’t care that much about it, studies have shown that happy employees make more productive workers and more effective leaders. If you want to see more smiles around the office, here’s a few ways to go about it.

First of all, try and find some ways to give your employees more control over their working life. One of the major things that will bring down an employee’s mood is a feeling that they’re completely trapped, and everything about their working life is predetermined. If it’s at all possible, look for ways to give all your employees more control over their work schedules, environment and habits. One small change you could make is letting your workers customise their workstations. This could be as simple as a few pictures of the spouse and kids, or a whole overhaul of the equipment they’re using. As long as it won’t get in the way of them meeting their quotas, giving your employees more choice and control is a great way to elevate mood.

The next thing you should be targeting to improve employee mood is the stress of commuting. Naturally, when you were choosing a business premises, you probably went for a place that would be convenient for you to get to with relative ease. However, that chilled-out little cruise to work isn’t going to be the same for all of your employees. For a lot of them, it’s going to be a long and stressful battle with unreliable trains and monstrous traffic jams. Reducing commuters’ stress is much easier in the start-up phase, so jump on it now! Talk to the people who always come in flustered, and see if you can stagger their working hours to dodge heavy traffic.

Finally, pay attention to the office at large. As a business owner, your work is obviously extremely demanding and fast-paced. Your working day is going to be filled up with fussing over stats and figures. Often it can be easy to forget about the workplace you’re in. If the current cleaning regime isn’t really up to scratch, then consider hiring a company like Service Master to take care of your commercial cleaning. If the walls are way too drab and bare, find some uplifting art to fill in the gaps. Some affordable little gimmick like having fresh fruit delivered to the office will also do a lot to help employee satisfaction. Take a walk around your office right now. Even if you never paid that much attention to interior design, I’m sure you’ll figure out something you can bring in to brighten up the place.

Take this advice, and soon enough you’ll see a definite improvement in overall employee mood. When you have an office that’s full of happy, fulfilled people, every other aspect of the business will prosper!

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