Ways to Streamline and Save Time as a Business Owner

startupTime is not an endless commodity; there is only so much time to do all the tasks required as a business owner. When you own a business, you can be stretched in a thousand different directions. All of these areas deserve you time and concentration. Yet, it is hard to find a way to be in all of these places at one time. This is why it is important to streamline.

Even if you are a workaholic, it is important not to devote all of your time to your business. Every person needs downtime, to relax and to spend time with family. The issue is figuring out how to ensure you accomplish all of your goals, with time to spare. There are a variety of tools and techniques you can utilize, so you can reduce the number of hours you work per week.

Here are a few ways to save time as a business owner:

Organization is Key

When you arrive at your workplace, you should know what needs done and where each item is to accomplish these tasks. A great way to work towards this is managing your calendar. Using a calendar on your smartphone lets you take it with you, so you can add tasks whenever they pop in your mind. Make sure to mark down deadlines, meetings and important tasks.

Have a Great FAQ

If you have an online presence, your website should have a solid FAQ section. This is going to eliminate time employees spend answering simple questions. Think hard about any question customers may pose about your business, services or products. Also, make sure you have a great and easy to navigate website.

Automate What You Can

If you are always repeating a task, figure out a way to automate it. A great example is marketing automation. GetResponse is one company that offers software to help automate your digital marketing. It can help auto-respond to emails, set up webinars, track your website traffic, and even make scheduled posts on social media. GetResponse is a great tool for marketing automation. This is a huge time saver and should be utilized by all business owners.

Have Less Staff Meetings

Daily staff meetings are just a time sucker. Less talking means more time to accomplish tasks. So long as the items are not crucial, create a list and have one meeting per week. At this meeting, go over all the items needed for the entire week. Because of technology, you can send group emails if you need to give a quick update to your team.

Use the Right Supply Chain

If you have to source products for your company, find the right suppliers to do business. Even if the price is great, don’t stick with companies that cannot reach your deadlines. All this does is throw your schedule off balance. Stick with the tried and well-reviewed options.

Pay Bills Online

This goes back up to automate everything, but some people don’t include bills in the everything category. Take the time to setup auto-pay for bills. This takes the task away from you, but you can rest assured knowing the bills are paid. Pay bills in advance if possible. Some bills, such as insurance, offer the chance to pay biyearly. This removes one more item off of the list.

Hire with Care

It is okay to be picky about who you select as an employee. Be precise about your qualifications and skill level. This will prevent remedial training time as well as having to hire again sooner, if the person doesn’t work out. You don’t have to work around employee schedules if they clash with yours.


You won’t be able to do everything; this is why outsourcing certain tasks is a great idea. Payroll and benefits take time out of your weekly calendar. This is a great place to invest in outsourcing, so long as your business can afford. HR takes a huge chunk of your time. Also, outsourcing makes sure deadlines are met; taxes have to be filled at certain times.

Delegate Tasks

Similar to outsourcing, it is a great idea to delegate tasks to employees who have the additional time and skills to complete them. If one employee has enough additional time to do a weekly inventory, add it to their task list instead of your mounting list.

Streamlining your business is a great practice. While your business may be of great importance to you, your workday has to end at some point. Using services, like GetResponse, helps you save time; this company offers marketing automation that will give you back hours each week while bringing in more customers. Don’t subscribe to the notion that you can do everything when there are ways to take stress of your shoulders.

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