Stuttering Startups: Legal Hazards You’ll Want To Avoid

judgingIf you’re just starting in the world of business, you’re going to run into a few pitfalls. If you haven’t planned well enough, legal issues can quickly take over your company. You might find yourself getting shut down, or paying extortionate fees to rectify those issues. Or, other companies might take advantage of your lack of knowledge to boost their operations! So, if you want to turn your stuttering startup into a flourishing enterprise, you need to know your stuff.


It’s important to copyright and patent as necessary. Otherwise, it’s possible for a competitor to steal your hard work and use it as their own. It’s also important to make sure that contractors are employed on a “work for hire” basis. This means that your company will own the rights to their work instead of them.

Loose Language

You need to be careful when using loose language in regards to your products and services. Anything that might be seen as misleading can often cause issues to crop up later on. This article about Hampton Creek is a perfect example of what to do when an issue arises. If you feel you can back up your claims and reasoning, you don’t have to back down entirely. On the other hand, if you’re blatantly claiming something that is false, you could be in a lot of trouble.

Lack Of Evidence

There will be times in your business where evidence might be called upon. Legal issues can stem due to employee disagreements, client satisfaction and more. The most important thing in this instance is reverting to evidence to put your case across. This means that everything you do needs to be documented in writing. Contracts, emails, and even note-taking apps are all useful for this purpose.

Employee Rights

In any matter relating to employee rights, you need to be careful with the legal implications. Failing to do the right thing in regards to vacations, sickness and disciplinary action can result in action being taken against you. It’s important to seek the correct information about employee rights to prevent any nasty occurrences down the line. This is particularly important in the case of dismissal. Disgruntled employees will sometimes do anything to seek revenge!

Identical Company Names

This hazard will only present itself due to a lack of care on the part of your preparations. Before going full steam ahead with your company, make sure the name isn’t currently in existence. You might get away with it for a short period of time, but eventually, that problem will catch up with you. What follows is often a lengthy and costly battle to gain rights to the name. You’ll probably lose, and you’ll probably suffer a lot of hassle in the process. Don’t make this mistake!

This advice goes for businesses of all types, and business owners of all backgrounds. Make sure you abide by these tips, but also do extensive research into other areas of the law. It might just come in very useful one day!

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