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How to Boost Your SEO by Making Ultimate use of Blog Advertising

Is it really possible for you to turn your business blog into a content marketing magnet and eventually a virtual money-spinner? Content marketing, as we all understand, entails our consistent efforts to steer profitable consumer action by creating and distributing relevant, valuable and consistent content. There’re so many ways in which you can bolster your content marketing efforts.

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Is it really possible for you to turn your business blog into a content marketing magnet and eventually a virtual money-spinner? Content marketing, as we all understand, entails our consistent efforts to steer profitable consumer action by creating and distributing relevant, valuable and consistent content. There’re so many ways in which you can bolster your content marketing efforts.

  • Keyword optimized posts, needless to say, are marketers’ go-to content marketing strategy. Targeting relevant but low competition keywords for your posts for initial visibility is considered to be one of the smartest moves in this regard. You can focus on higher-ranked keywords after garnering substantial attention with low competition keywords first.
  • Google Adwords, Google AdWords Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest are a few of the leading keyword research tools used by leading marketers.
  • Image-rich blog posts and articles command better exposure than plain texts since they’re searchable through Google images. Plus they’re known to retain customer attention for a longer period of time than monotonous plain texts as well.
  • Once you’re done creating content, it’s time to distribute it through your social marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter among others.

Are you yet to realize the true potential of blogs?

There are businesses that don’t even know how their blogs are facilitating their web exposure but are afraid of stopping it completely because they’re not sure how it would impact their business. However, wise marketers understand the tremendous potential of blogs as far as bolstering their SEO efforts is concerned. Creating optimized posts, social sharing and comments- there is no dearth of avenues with the help of which you can aim for improved ranking on Google.

Plus, a blog is owned media. The content published there is your own. There is no question of a third-party platform changing community guidelines – that may or may not affect your presence there. When it comes to your own blog, you’re at the liberty to make or not to make changes in your guidelines, to edit or update your post whenever you want to. You can also leverage your real time on-crisis management channel to convey your message to your readers 24/7. The very structure of a blog, it can be said, is search-engine friendly.

The importance of backlinks cannot be undermined as well. Very simply put, you would want quality backlinks for your content especially because you cannot simply build a website and expect your audience to find you on a random basis. If a successful blog (with enviable trajectory) has decided to accommodate a link to your website, it means you’re endorsed by an influencer. It’s a major boon as far as brand awareness is concerned.

Why blog advertising is the ultimate way to boost SEO

Businesses willing to stay a step ahead of the others in the digital curve are increasingly turning to sponsored blog advertising. This is emerging as one of the potent ways in which marketers can aim for higher rankings. Sponsored reviews, contextual link buying, banner advertising – there’s a plethora of ways in which you can bolster your SEO efforts with blog advertising. Here are further details.

Sponsored Posts

If you want your brand to grab eyeballs in the digital landscape, you should find out about sponsored advertising platforms like Get Reviewed, SponsoredReviews, Payperpost and Link From Blog among others. How exactly can you leverage these platforms to ensure desirable traction? Find out.

Get Reviewed: Connect with bloggers of the highest caliber (only self-hosted blogs with domain authority of min 20 and Alexa below 2000K) – producing not just any blog but the highly qualitative ones representing the true essence of the brand highlighted by them. Sign up with this dynamic blog advertising platform, backed by the services of a highly efficient team- manually scrutinizing the quality of the works of blog. They charge 25% commission. is another leading sponsored blog advertising platform with more than 17000 blogs registered, all types of blogs, commission is 50%.

Link from Blog offers similar opportunities for advertisers as the other two blog advertising platforms mentioned here. Get reviewed by reputed bloggers of your choice, create viral campaigns and make the best use of low-pressure advertising. They accept all types of blogs and charge a 20% commission. Like Get Reviewed, this particular blogging platform has also rave reviews from advertisers.

Contextual Link Ad Platforms

Apart from investing in sponsored reviews, bloggers also utilize contextual text link ad platforms from which they can buy contextual text link ads from blogs. A contextual link is found within content and represents the context with the idea revolving round the link. They’re known to command substantial attention from search engines., for instance, has emerged as one of the most popular platforms to buy backlinks from. You can even sell backlinks here if you want to. It is endorsed by leading bloggers primarily because of the quality of links made available here. With over ten years of experience in link building, the platform has already helped more than 100,000 professionals to buy and sell links. You can use your credit or debit card for buying and selling backlinks. You can use your PayPal account as well.

Another website which has earned the trust of leading marketers is It offers high quality links (from PR 1 –PR 8 blogs) for $1 per link or more. You can find search engine friendly links placed along with content, relevant to your niche. The platform, so far, has rendered useful services by acting as an efficient “broker” between advertisers who want to buy links and bloggers who publish these links on his blog.

Banner Advertising on Blogs

Marketers can expect to shore up their (SEO) marketing campaigns by making proper use of banner advertising. It’s very important for a marketer to acquaint himself with the do’s and don’ts of banner advertising if he wants to unlock its true (SEO) potential.

Dos of banner ads

  • The link mentioned on the banner needs to point to a page (on the website) which is publicly available. It should be indexed properly.
  • The page should ideally have links pointing to other pages of the site
  • It would do you a world of good if you’re including links to a page which is well-visited
  • The URL mentioned on the banner should have static link without codes

Don’ts of banner ads

  • The link shouldn’t be no-follow
  • You should not make use of javascript which redirects viewers from the originating site to the destination page
  • You should not place your banner with link on a page that has no SEO Value (no backlinks, not indexed, high bounce rate)
  • There should not be any notification of “paid links” or “sponsored links” on a page

Blog advertising: Unlocking the true potential of blogging as a marketing tool

Knowledge is empowering, they say. The right use of knowledge, we say, is liberating. Digital success is all about the right timing – the ability to “see what others are yet to see- do what others are yet to do”. It is not only about following trends but predicting them as well. Blog advertising has started making its presence felt and is well poised to emerge as one of the biggest and smartest digital practices in a year or so. It is a revolutionary dimension in the blogging landscape. Do make proper use of it

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