Boost Your Foot Traffic With These Great Practices

signsToday, the modern business arena is almost entirely digital. Young entrepreneurs from all over the world are constantly starting profitable ventures with little more than an idea and an internet connection. However, even in this digital age, there’s still a lot of promise in physical retail outlets. If you’re planning to set up a physical store, one thing you can’t do without is foot traffic. Here’s a few good practices for getting people into your store.

The first and possibly most important tip I can offer is tidying up your store front. In any business, first impressions count. This could be a flyer, a chat at a trade fair, or most likely a website. For a lot of your target market, their first impression of your business is going to be your storefront. Many businesses have reported huge increases in foot traffic from some surprisingly small changes. Simply leaving the door open can be enough to tempt in a prospective customer. At the very least, you should make sure that all your window displays are well-organised and keeping with the season. A high-quality sign from a firm like Encore Image will also give your business an essential air of professionalism.

If you can find the right candidate, then partnering up with another local business can also be a great way to increase foot traffic. When you first start your business, it can be pretty easy to assume that you’re competing against every other storefront on the high street. This isn’t always the case, and you may even be able to turn some of your local neighbours into powerful allies. Take a walk around, and think about any related businesses that may be interested in some kind of partnership. For example, if you run a vinyl store, get talking to a local musical instrument shop and ask them if you can leave some leaflets on their counter. Provided that you’re willing to do the same, this could be the start of a hugely beneficial partnership.

Finally, consider introducing some loyalty schemes, especially in your earliest stages. Those customers who come back again and again are going to be the foundation for your retail business. Encouraging them to return after a purchase is a complete no-brainer. Of course, this is usually better suited to stores that sell small, disposable products. Still, I’m sure you can think of some way to fit a loyalty scheme into your own business model. Do a little maths to see what you can afford, and then start offering your customers a discount on their third, fifth, or tenth purchase. Once everything’s in place, design some attractive marketing materials and put them somewhere where it’s going to be seen. Even if someone isn’t all that interested in what you’re selling, discounts like this can be enough to draw them in and initiate a purchase. At the very least, it will spark some helpful word-of-mouth marketing.

Take these tips on board, and you’ll see a significant increase in foot traffic

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