An Innovative Way To Improve Productivity

flowersFlowers play an important part in our lives.  They bring a little bit of nature and joy into our homes and workplaces.  Imagine a wedding or funeral without flowers.  There’s also nothing more romantic than receiving a big bunch of flowers.  In the workplace businesses are learning the value of flowers for improving moral and productivity.

Achieving more from staff in the workplace is a continuous challenge for businesses and thus it’s a subject that gets a lot of attention.  Just look at the proliferation of white papers and articles on the topic online.  Most focus on the need to set goals, offer flexible hours, learning and development, provide feedback and  recognition and so on. However  dig a little deeper into search results and you’ll find more interesting approaches to staff productivity improvement including how to use their sensory system.

Our visual and olfactory (smell) receptors respond to stimuli from flowers.  Exposure to flowers in the workplace is said to improve our mood so we feel happier and more positive and that’s not all.  We may also be more creative too when exposed to plants and flowers.  Our innovative thinking can be enhanced by the stimuli from flowers allowing fresh ideas to develop and thus more problems solved.

Businesses are working out flowers are not only for adorning hotel entrances and business receptions.  Allow your employees to brighten up their office  desk with a plant or flower arrangement.  The blog on Flowers are for everyone website has an interesting post on flowering plants that work best in the workplace.  There’s even some suggestions for workspaces without natural light.   If there’s ever a time we could do with a mood pick me up it’s during the season of Winter.

Winter is a time of less sun and it affects our Vitamin D levels.  It can also affect our mood  hence the saying ‘winter blues’. Give this a go – brighten up your office desk with fresh flowers or for a longer term solution consider a flowering plant like a Cyclamen and you may witness first-hand a change in your own productivity.

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