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Projecting a good company image

When it comes to business, image is everything; from marketing campaigns and online presence, to the way you project yourself in public, creating a good company image is vital when it comes to grabbing success on the global stage. The importance of projecting a good company image.

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When it comes to business, image is everything; from marketing campaigns and online presence, to the way you project yourself in public, creating a good company image is vital when it comes to grabbing success on the global stage.

The importance of projecting a good company image

What’s so important about projecting a good company image, anyway? Providing an agreeable service, or selling a successful product is all that matters in business, right? While it’s certainly true that customers and clients will appreciate a swift and easy transaction, and the receipt of goods as described, it’s unlikely that they’ll approach you unless you’ve thought very carefully about your company, and brand image; after all, how will they know to look twice if you don’t stand out?

The image that you create to surround your brand is everything, whether that’s the colors you use for your logo, website, and marketing materials, the types of phrases you use in literature, or your personal appearance; your brand’s identity will incorporate every aspect of your business, including its employees, and it all matters when it comes to sizing up the competition.

Okay, so thinking very carefully about your company’s image is great for attracting attention, but why else does your company’s image matter? The way you project yourself, and your company, can have a huge impact upon your personal and professional reputation, as well as affecting the success of your marketing campaigns, encouraging brand loyalty, and ensuring that your company, and its services, are instantly recognizable across the market. A colorful, approachable, and professional image will immediately speak to potential clients and entice them in, while a poorly constructed image may send them elsewhere. Think very carefully about how you want the public, and fellow professionals, to view you and take it from there; can you really afford to get this wrong?

How to project a good company image

So, how should you go about altering that brand image, or creating a new one from scratch? Let’s go over some of the basics…

  1. Create a recognizable, tangible brand

First thing’s first; in order to have any success with your company’s image you need to create a brand that is both identifiable and real – something that your customers will instantly recognize and connect with, encouraging them to seek you out whenever they’re thirsty, in need of financial advice, or looking for a new appliance. Think Coca Cola and you’ll no doubt hum the jingle to yourself, or find you’re very strongly drawn to the color red all of a sudden… Your character, and the personality and color scheme that you choose to assign to your brand are what will speak to the market, so you need to think big, or go home. A half-hearted effort at this point will do little to further your reputation, after all.

  1. Think carefully about the language you use

It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is, nobody is going to look twice if your literature is sloppy, or your public presence is half-hearted. You don’t have to be a walking dictionary to succeed in business, but taking the time to prepare marketing material, online content, and speeches with the correct grammar and spelling will ensure you’re given a second look. Would you want to give your business to a company that hadn’t bothered to proofread its own marketing material first, or listen to a speech peppered with errors? The chances are your prospective clients wouldn’t either. Such care will ensure your company is always thought of in high regard; if you pay close attention to your wording, you’re likely to be very passionate about your product.

  1. Consider the wheel that you’re behind

We said that image is everything and it really is; that includes the type of car you drive, too. You see, while you may think of it as a means of getting from A to B, the company vehicle you’re regularly seen in will say so much about you, both as an individual, and as the face of a company. Whether we want to admit it or not we’re rather good at judging people based on the wheels they park in front of their house or workplace, so imagine what prospective clients will think when they see that rust bucket taking up valuable curb space…

The good news is that you needn’t spend all of your company’s profits on a chauffeur driven limo, or the latest sports car to make a good impression – in fact, choosing an understated set of wheels can actually work in your favor. Think company car, think reliable, strong, and businesslike, such as a Mazda, or similarly trustworthy brand; you want your clients to know they’re in a safe pair of hands when they turn to you, and for them to view your car as symbol of your commitment to the job, rather than a status symbol.

There are, of course, other ways to project a good company image; watching your conduct when you use social media, paying attention to your clothing and accessories every day, and taking the time to network in order to further your business’s reach are just some of the additional ways that you can ensure your company goes places. Remember, image is everything; your company needs you.

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