Preventing Work Injuries: Employer Responsibilities

preventing work injuriesIf you run a business, you have a legal duty to protect your workforce from injury and illness. Sometimes, it’s not possible to avoid accidents. But often, work-related injuries could be prevented. Here are some top tips to help you lower the risk of accidents at work and steer clear of legal disputes.

Do your research

If you’re new to business, you may not be aware of the complex issue that is employer liability. All employers have a legal responsibility to enforce health and safety measures to protect their employees. Before you start hiring, it’s essential to understand these responsibilities. You should be aware of what is expected of you, and what procedures and policies you have to adopt to provide a safe working environment. It’s also essential that you have employer liability insurance. This policy will cover the cost of a compensation payout if an employee decides to make a claim.

It’s also a good idea to be aware of employee rights and what may happen in the event of an accident.

Health and safety procedures at work

As a business owner, you should be aware of the latest health and safety policies and take steps to enforce them in your workplace.

In an office setting, you’ll need to make sure that fire exits are clearly marked and kept clear at all times. Spillages should be mopped up immediately, and any issues should be reported. If the carpet is ripped, or there’s a leak from the roof, for example, you should ensure that these are problems are addressed as quickly as possible. If an issue has been recorded and nothing has been done about it, you will be liable for any subsequent accidents.

If you work in construction or manufacturing, you should ensure that equipment and machinery are in good working order. Maintenance checks should be scheduled, and all staff should have the relevant training. All employees should be provided with personal protective equipment where required.

Taking steps to reduce common accidents

The most common types of work-related accident are slips, trips, and falls. Try and be aware of potential hazards and remove them. Keep passageways and stairwells clear. Place warning signs on the floor after mopping or using a floor scrubber machine. Ensure flooring is in good condition. Use signs to alert employees to hidden steps or uneven ground. Encourage workers to wear sensible, supportive footwear. Make sure there are plenty of bins around to avoid litter being thrown on the floor. Set aside space for coats, shoes, and umbrellas.

If you’re an employer, the last thing you want is your workforce to suffer from injuries and work-related illnesses. Before you set up a business, it’s wise to research health and safety and work out what you need to do to create a safe working environment. Ensure that your office or site meets current standards and regulations. Take steps to identify hazards and address any issues that are reported by your staff team. Keep on top of maintenance and cleaning tasks.

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