Marketing On A Budget & Where That Budget Should Be Going

marketing budgetAs a smaller business, you’re no doubt used to having to do things on a budget. There’s plenty that we can get done, but one of the things that can really benefit from a bigger budget is marketing. That’s said, it’s not impossible to launch a great strategy on a smaller one, either. In this article, we’re going to look at how, with a little money and focus, you can make marketing that really hits the mark.

Who you really want to reach

It’s not so much a marketing method. It’s more of a way to make sure that you’re not spending money needlessly. Without doing enough research on defining your market, you could be spending a lot on advertising towards people who would never be a good fit for your business. Find out who your ideal client is and what demographics are more likely to be better customers for you. Then apply that data to how you advertise. Where you’re most likely to reach them as well as using social media to target specific demographics.

Ads with impact

It’s also a good idea to make sure that, rather than spending on lots of different ads, you focus on quality. That you don’t go with the budget option time and time again. Rather, it can be a better option to use a marketing agency that knows how to actually create effective ads. This can also work in conjunction with the previous point. Making sure that you’re making those ads appear in the right place. The budget is important, but more important is not skimping too much. Then you might find you’re spending your money ineffectively in the first place.

Use a blog

If you want cheap marketing, then one of the best places to market is on your own website. Particularly, by using your online space to host your own blog. Content marketing is far and away one of the most effective ways of drawing in visitors to your site. But first you need to make sure that you’re producing great content. This means not creating content that’s solely about your business. But rather thinking of the space you inhabit and share with your consumers. Then creating content that has value to your customers within that space.

Meet customers in the flesh

Another cheap method that can make sure you hit the people you’re supposed to be hitting is by having as much of a physical presence as an online one. Even for businesses that mostly exist online, there’s nothing like a good face-to-face meet. In a lot of cases, it’s more effective on a person-to-person basis in terms of creating a customer out of a lead. You just need to make sure you’re attending all the right tradeshows and networking events. Practice your pitch and present yourself and your company well. It’s nowhere near as expensive as a media marketing strategy.

Marketing is more about strategy than the money you throw into it. Hopefully, we’ve helped you prioritise where it’s a better idea to put that funding.

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