5 Signs You’re a Digital Marketing Expert

googleWe all like to think that we’re great at boosting our businesses through social media. But the truth is that very few of us are able to get it right. Why? Because social media isn’t just another process. It’s something that’s far more organic because it involves real people.

There are some businesses, however, who are experts in the matter. They just get it. They know what their customers want, and they go for it. Here are five signs you’re one of them.

You Know How Facebook Works

Many people at the top of the social media marketing today were at university when Facebook came out. So they’ve had a long time to get used to it. They understand how to get in with the crowd. And they have a sixth sense about what content people find interesting and engaging.

They also understand Facebook groups and how to create fans of their business. And they know how marketing on social media can quickly go wrong if not done correctly.

You Know That Keyword Stuffing Won’t Work

Many SEO beginners think that search engines work in a very simple way. They just search the pages on your website for keywords, and the pages with the most matches go to the top of the rankings. Wrong! Anyone who has been involved in digital marketing for any length of time knows that this isn’t how it works. In fact, search engines now punish businesses who do cram pages full of keywords. That’s because keyword stuffing usually means that your content is lower quality. It doesn’t exactly sound natural to have a load of keywords, repeated over and over again on a single page.

You Know What “Website Conversion” Means

As soon as you step into the world of online marketing, you’ll encounter a new vocabulary. This should come as no surprise. Most professions have a vocabulary all of their own. But when you know that vocabulary, you know that you’ve made it into the inner circle. It’s no different with online marketing.

To an online marketer, conversion means a lot of things. But ultimately, it’s the rate at which you get customers to do what you want them to do. That can mean clicking through on an advert. Or it can mean purchasing a product after visiting a landing page.

You Know That Content Is King

Digital marketing isn’t like traditional marketing. It’s not about snappy, memorable slogans or jingles. And it’s not about putting bums on seats and hoping something sticks. No – it’s about producing content. Lots of content. Interesting content. Content that appeals to a wide audience and gets them engaged in what the business is doing.

You Write And Publish Online

The chances are that if you have written something and put it up online, you’re already a marketing expert. You’ll probably have used some kind of blogging software, like WordPress. And you’ll have probably used social media to promote your work. This is the best way to market your content and the best way to sell your company overall. By doing this, you’re doing exactly what the big guns do too.


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