Why Cloud Based Services are Necessary for your Business?

cloudThe primary advantage that cloud computing services has to offer is that it is based on the internet and there is no need for downloading applications or programs on to a physical computer or any device in order to run it. Today, all routine operations from accessing Facebook to running large business apps rely on cloud based services. For this reason, it may be safe to say that cloud offers the best solutions to most challenges in the corporate world. Cloud will very soon become a standard solution for every enterprise.

Why should Businesses move to Cloud?

  1. Agility: Businesses that have growing bandwidth requirements can reap a lot of advantages from cloud services. Cloud capacity can be scaled up and down as per the requirement. This kind of flexibility provides you an advantage over your competition.
  2. Operate from Anywhere: Cloud based services only mandate the need for an internet connection. In the presence of reliable internet service, businesses can be run from anywhere and anytime. With the availability of mobile apps also on cloud, businesses can be device agnostic as well.
  3. Online Storage: The primary advantage of cloud is online storage, which eliminates the need for physical space and related expenses. Since a large amount of data can be maintained online, businesses today do not have to endure the expense of adding extra servers. Hardware costs are largely reduced and businesses can simply pay as they progress. Cloud computing services brings about a reduction in setup and maintenance costs, and help to bring down overall capital expenditure.
  4. Disaster Recovery: Disaster recovery is a critical need for every business, but smaller businesses may not have the financial bandwidth to invest in a robust disaster recovery system. Cloud based backup and recovery solutions help to improve efficiency and also provide a cost-effective solution.
  5. Automatic Roll-out of Software Updates: As the servers are not within business premises and suppliers take care of them, software and security updates are automatically rolled out.
  6. Security: Security is a critical and indispensable requirement. Loss of sensitive data is possibly more catastrophic than loss of machines. Cloud computing offers better security, as data is stored in the cloud and is always accessible, regardless of what happens to your machine. Similarly, the loss or theft of your device is also not a significant threat, as all sensitive data is stored on the cloud instead.

Businesses, regardless of the size and type can greatly benefit from cloud solutions because it allows them to perform operations faster and more efficiently.

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