Things that Can Shut Your Business Down Today

foodYou’ve worked too hard to get where you are only to have it all blown away by one ill-advised decision. Too much is riding on your business for that. It is not just you, but your family, your employees, and their families. If you have a small grocery store, for example, customers may have chosen to live in that neighborhood because of your store’s convenient location.

The point being, if something were to happen to your business, it affects a lot more people than you think. It will also make it that much harder for you to reset and try again. It is one thing for your business to fail because, despite your best efforts, you just couldn’t attract enough customers to make it work. It is quite another to fail due to carelessness and neglect. Here are just a few of the things that can get you shut down this very hour:

Poor Food Handling

On Gilligan’s Island, they called it “roomis igloomis.” They were referring to poison mushrooms. That would be the only time in the history of the world where food poisoning was funny. In the real world, it can cost you your restaurant business.

Food poisoning attorneys that deal with this on a regular basis remind us that food safety is a relative thing that cannot be assumed. Blue Bell ice cream is one of the greatest treats known to humanity. It was also a great way to contract listeria poisoning before it was recalled from every store shelf.

These same attorneys report:

Barber Foods’ stuffed chicken products are under a Class 1 recall, the most serious type of food recall, signifying that the product has a “reasonable probability” of causing serious adverse health consequences or even death.

Whether by health inspector, court decree, or police tape, your business can be closed immediately due to careless food handling and cost-cutting shortcuts that are never actually worth it in the food service field.

Poor Building Selection

Did you get a discount on that warehouse space you are currently using for your small business? Did you consider why the price was so low? Or were you just happy to find something inexpensive? Choosing the wrong building for your business can get it closed down without warning. Just when you think everything is going your way, the building inspector shows up and brings it all to an end.

This happens every day as a result of asbestos. There was a time when this country was addicted to the use of this cheap, plentiful, and highly functional material. It was also slowly killing us. Many contractors continued to use it long after we knew about the deadly effects. While banned in other parts of the world, it has not been completely banned in the US.

There is a good chance the old building you purchased or leased for your business is riddled with the stuff. In fact, there has been a spate of recent school closures as a result of asbestos. It can easily happen to your business. Usually, the damage can be contained, but the better plan is to do your homework ahead of time. Pay the money up front to deal with the asbestos damage. Or risk having your business closed unexpectedly, and for good.

Inadequately Financed

The most common way of having your business closed is to run out of money. This happens all the time because many businesses start with an inadequate business plan, and are poorly financed from the start.

One of the main reasons small businesses can’t get the proper financing is because their business is considered too risky by investors. Some people proudly proclaim, “Risk is our business,” as if they were in a Hollywood movie. If risk is your business, you are in the wrong business for success, but the right business to find yourself in a sudden, and well-deserved closure.

Poor food handling, building choice, and startup financing are great ways to have your business closed down. Just know that it doesn’t have to end that way. Taking the time to do things right from the beginning makes all the difference.


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