Test Cups A Simple & Safe Solution For Businesses

testBusiness owners want to keep their workplace safe, which can be especially hard when collaborating with a multitude of employees. While company rules and government regulations do their utmost to keep businesses secure and protected, there are also things that individual managers can do in order to ensure their employees and clients stay as safe as possible. Integrated drug test cups are a simple, affordable, and effective solution that is extremely easy to incorporate into business management. Whether you are doing routine checks on existing employees or testing potential staff members, these tests can be carried out seamlessly and discreetly to ensure a high level of security among your workforce.

 Streamline Your Screenings

With the help of integrated drug test cups, you can get a variety of readings on your employees with just one simple screening. This can really help to keep the process safe and simple as well as complete. Managers can trust just one product and employees can complete the test in just a few minutes in a private location. In fact, no one else even needs to know about the test, thanks to the discreet design and safety of these cups. Moreover, integrated technology allows employers to screen for a variety of substances that may be abused or misused. No more wasted time for you or your team members, as they can get back to the job immediately after giving a test sample.

 Get Immediate Answers

Perhaps one of the most compelling features of these cups is that they provide instant readings. These products are beyond easy to use, and are a non-invasive way to get accurate readings on your employees. Intuitive and compact, they provide easy-to-follow instructions and labels that help managers and medical professionals determine which (if any) drugs are present in a person’s system. Whether it is a routine drug test or a screening taken at random, you can get an answer and a reading in just minutes, which eliminates a lot of guesswork and waiting around. Ideal for no-nonsense businesses, there are no worries about wasting valuable work time or inconveniencing your dedicated employees.

 Save Time and Stay Safe

Of course, employers long to keep their workplace running smoothly, but they also need to adhere to health and safety codes. That is why these screening products are a must-have. They allow you to expand your business and work team without disrupting the flow nor diminishing company morale. There is also no need to hire an outside medical service or even travel to the doctor’s office. This is the new way to test your workforce: fast, convenient, and effective.


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