The Importance of Rituals in the Entrepreneur Arena

thinkerOne day you may wake up and find yourself the lucky recipient of a random particle of inspiration that has somehow struck you in amongst the millions of other souls that live around you. And you are so sure of this idea, so inspired by it that you rush off and start scouring the web to see if anyone else has thought of it yet. And if it turns out that the idea is a new one, what next? Rush off to the bank for a loan with your business plan in hand? Let’s say all of that goes to plan and you now have a bona fide business model, with a workable strategy – are you home free? Definitely not. The entrepreneur arena is a fickle, cold and merciless one where failure to apply yourself and stick to certain rules will see you fail. In this article from how to create a blog we examine one of the most important aspects of the daily life of a successful entrepreneur – rituals.

Now, you hear the word “ritual” and immediately the mind reaches into the arcane filing cabinet and presents you with images of strange men sacrificing goats and performing strange rites in dark, dusty, candlelit temples but the definition here has somewhat less diabolical overtones. “Rituals” in this case are behaviors and habits that the greatest minds of our lifetime have relied upon and implemented ruthlessly in order to bulldoze their way to the top. It’s not enough to see your goal, it’s not enough to want the bigger picture – in the current economic climate, willpower will eventually fail and the angry, seething mess that’s left over needs to have something left to rely on in order to climb that ladder and make it to the top.

In order to better define what’s meant by “rituals” we must first take a look at how people are configured in general. Many don’t realize that destiny truly is in their own hands, that the world around them is shaped by their own thoughts, deeds and desires. The great James Allen once said “As a man thinketh, so is he,” and scientific studies have shown that the most successful entrepreneurs of our time have been purists in their thinking and deeds. A desire to do good for others has pushed these great men and women to the top because as the saying goes “Pay someone’s bills and your bills will be paid.”

So what are these rituals we have spoken of? Rituals should be performed every day without fail and without compromise in order to recondition the psyche towards success. A simple example would be thus: every single day before leaving your bedroom, spend five minutes psyching yourself up for the day to come. Ask yourself how you can be better than you were yesterday or how you can help someone today.

Before a phone call, write down what you want to talk about and ensure you do so. Feed your mind daily with new information from a role model whose success you would like to emulate. It’s been said that a fit mind is enhanced infinitely by a fit body, so do something physical every day without fail. And so on. Find out the rituals of the top performers in the entrepreneurial world and emulate, emulate, emulate.

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