Protecting Your Business Assets

exitWe live in increasingly uncertain times and with the threat of terrorism, unexpected disasters and tragedies happening around us nearly on a daily basis both our lives and our assets are in constant danger. From wild fires and flooding to bomb blasts and chemical explosions there are plenty of reasons for businesses to better protect their invaluable information and assets from getting stolen or damaged. And we have a few tips and pieces of advice that could help guard your property.

Carry Out A Risk Assessment

A thorough risk assessment is the best way in which a business can best evaluate the potential risks your business could face. It can cover everything such as security, health and safety, building regulations, fire prevention and everything around your working area and the premises that could potentially cause risk or harm to the surroundings or of course your work force.

Keeping An Eye On Things

One of the most vital aspects of business security these days is CCTV. By installing a quality surveillance setup around your business premises not only can you record each and every incident around the workplace, which can be crucial as part of an investigation following the incident in question, but with modern tech and monitoring apps and devices you can also keep a real-time view on your business even when you’re away.

Blast Mitigation Solutions

If your business finds itself the victim of a bomb blast or explosion just a single square foot sheet of glass can shatter into up to 200 pieces of potentially lethal shards in an instant. But with special blast films this hazardous affect can be mitigated significantly. National window films state that “Bomb blast films are the most cost effective way to mitigate damage from blasts – whatever the cause. In the event of a blast these high tech films cause the glass to stick to the film”. With the growing climate of threats from home and abroad, businesses cannot overlook the importance of this low cost, high benefit tech.

Staff Security

Another important factor is to make sure that your staff are well informed and drilled on any particular security measures that your business has in the event on an emergency.

Regular drilling makes sure that staff are well prepared in the event of an emergency situation. Even simple fire drills help staff to be prepared in the event of an evacuation, while good communication is key to making sure staff know of changes or requirements they will need to carry out in the future.

This could be procedures relating to keys or key codes, the carrying out of random security searches either in staff belongings or lockers, and even special measures to help staff have the confidence to report anything that may appear suspicious to their superiors.

Contingency Plans

It is important for your business to have a set of rules and plans to cater for any possible threat or disaster it may face. It’s imperative for all staff members, no matter at which level they may be, to be fully briefed and aware of these plans and procedures should such an event occur. These plans can refer to the evacuation of the building and surrounding areas, potential bomb threats, police and emergency service liaisons, as well as more simplistic plans that cover aspects of security that may relate to renovation work, or on-site visitors.

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