Are You in the Business of Winning Brand Promotions?

signNo matter the size or scope of your company, giving it the best brand promotions is crucial to having a long and prosperous life as a business owner.

Part of those promotional efforts are tied to making sure as many consumers as possible know about your business.

From content marketing and social media to something as simple but important as quality signage, your business needs to get its name out there.

So, are you in the business of putting forward winning band promotions?

If you’re not, take the time now to change that.

Sign-up and Get Promoting Your Business

The first item to look at is how much and what kind of brand promoting do you do.

One great way to spread your company’s name is through something as simple but as important as signage.

Take a drive around your town and look at all the different signs you see for businesses. Whether they are big or small, those signs are the efforts of brands looking to attract and retain customers.

Some signs are sizable and colorful, leaving it hard for consumers to miss them. Others, meantime, are small and so badly placed that you could miss them in the blink of an eye. Assuming you want to be in the former group, what kind of sign you opt for is not something you should take for granted.

If you choose led signs, you are all but guaranteed to increase your sales numbers. So, why is that?

To start with, led signs tend to be more noticeable than your ordinary low-budget sign. Short of notable billboard advertising, a led sign properly placed in a select location or locations around town will give you just as much if not more brand attention.

Secondly, led signs in the right locations give those passing by (especially drivers) additional time to soak in what your brand is saying about you.

Always remember that consumers oftentimes make decisions on shopping and ultimately buying products and services on the spur of the moment. If your sign stands out and catches their attention, you’re more likely to ring-up sales.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Another item to keep in mind when choosing on signage is making sure it stands out from the rest.

Take a drive sometime down a busy street in your town or any big town for that matter and count how many business signs you are presented with. Quite frankly, it can seem a little downright overwhelming at times.

Now, stop and think how your company’s signage could easily get lost in the mix of brand advertising and marketing if it isn’t noticeable enough.

Unless you have an iconic signage symbol like a McDonald’s, Burger King, Home Depot, Target, Walmart or other such brand, your sign and your efforts to literally drive more customers to your business could be an afterthought.

Be Involved in Sign Selections

If going the route of led signs prove to be in your company’s plans for 2016 and beyond, be a participant and not just a spectator in the design and message behind your sign or signs.

When you finally select a led sign provider, give them your feedback on what the message should say and look like. Remember that oftentimes the idea of “keep it simple stupid” truly does work.

Your sign should be void of too much information or an overflow of imagery that takes away from the true message you are trying to convey.

Make sure your led sign gives consumers basic information about your brand, displayed in a color or colors that are positive. What exactly does that mean as it relates to colors? Simply put, you want a single color or color mix that is not going to distract consumers from viewing your sign. By the same token, give your sign a little flair so that it cries out for attention.

Message, color choices, location/s etc. are all important factors that you and your sign provider should hash out before you sign-off on the final product.

When it comes to promoting your business now and down the road, it is a sign of the times if you do it with your brand’s best interests in mind.

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