The Impact of Social Media on Students Communications

socialmediaThe social media has turned out to be one of the most important means of communication in recent times. Despite the fact the social media initially existed for providing communication among different people irrespective of their location, it gradually turned out to be a medium through which people can easily share information, pictures, files, videos and even send messages and create blogs. The social media in fact turned out to be a medium through which people can get involved into real time conversations. No matter what type of information people want to share, the social media allows communication with workers and buddies, business partners quite easily and effectively. The social media has in fact almost become a part of our daily activity. Let us explore how the social media has turned out to be a medium that can make impact on the students’ questionnaire.

Many people use the social media for strengthening ties between different people using the systems. Some of the most commonly used student social networking websites are the Facebook, Twitter, stunited and others. These forums and websites are considered to be way of communication which can be established directly with people socially. These websites are influential enough to be considered to be playing the role of decision making with regard to occasions associated with the global world, including politically, economically and also even educationally.

Students across the globe seem to consider the social media as a major tool for not only communicating with their friends and families but also for establishing contacts for academic purposes. One of the driving factors behind using of social media as means to obtain information for academic purposes is the progressive ubiquitous access, the functionality of technology, the convenience and also the flexibility of social technologies.

The social technologies has been found to support the techniques of social constructivist to learning that has eventually led to improvement of the student’s understanding and students’ promotion of interaction. The following are the four major advantages of using the social media for supporting general students’ questionnaire.

  • Enhanced relationship
  • Improvement of Learning motivation
  • Personalized course material
  • Development of collaborative abilities

Therefore, the activities of social networking bring about the possibility of enhancing greater possibilities of student contact. The social media enables improvement of social participation within the class, especially where the introvert students are involved. Students can tend to function within an online group of learning. Students might not be facilitating any anxiety or hesitation while raising questions before their seniors or schools peer. So, students who face problems while raising face to face questions or queries can effectively make use of the social media. Due to virtual communication system students tend to be feeling far more relaxed while asking questions. In fact, the students will be able to clear all forms of queries which no matter how petty it might sound in real life.

The following are some highlights about social media and impact on student questionnaire.

  • Currently there are about 500 million users of social media worldwide. 50 % of the total users are known to log on to the social media every day. Moreover, Online PhD students tend to spend roughly 100 minutes every day on the Facebook.
  • In the year 2007, 92 % of the total college students had an account and by 2008, the number came up by 99 % of total students, which had an account in the facebook. The influence of facebook is quite overwhelming among students as the service got opened only in the year 2006.
  • One of the most positive impacts of the online communities is the fact that youths can make use of the support received from the communities for their own academic support and assistance.
  • It has been noted that due to social media’s ability to enhance communications and connections by making them easily accessible, many students can yield benefits including getting virtual space for exploring problems or interests with academic support, similar individuals while on the process of strengthening online communication knowledge and skills. As a result of which, the social media has facilitated many students who are otherwise quite reluctant to speak up in class are found to be participating in academic discussion blogs and also even writing for the real audiences. The social media can therefore be taken as an emerging tool that is useful for enhanced learning.
  • The social media can be considered to be a rich source of information. The young students based on the information can get clear idea about the new college or university they have enrolled in. Especially, for overseas students who might not be aware of the customs and environment of their selected university can make use of the social media. Through the social media they can get all their questions answered. For instance, a virtual tour throughout the campus will enable the foreign student to understand the environment and be mentally prepared with adapt to the new environment. The social media can therefore be used as a guiding tool while on the process of adapting to the new environment and educational ambience. Therefore, based on the information the students receive through the social media a lot of unexplained queries of the students get answered.


The social media is indeed an effective medium of communication. It has turned out to be new way of establishing communications with one another. The social media has been found to be now used by people of every works of life. The young students are now increasingly depending upon the social media for academic purposes. The students can effectively make use of the communication tool for the purpose of obtaining information regarding universities and educational courses. The social media can in fact be taken as effective guidance tool by the students and find answer to their own queries.

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