A Guide to Hiring the Right SEO Company for your Business

SEOHow long has the SEO company been in business? When it comes to working with clients, what is the firm’s philosophy?

In the SEO industry, fly-by-night companies are unfortunately a reality. Many of them use spammy tactics in order to boost SEO for the short term. However, this ends up ultimately trashing a site’s overall ranking and the SEO company packs up and moves. Those companies are basically just in it for the quick profits.

By contrast, a much more well-rounded approach is taken by reputable SEO companies when it comes to boosting the rankings of their clients. This should be clear in the firm’s overall philosophy. Those companies are much more focused on building relationships and will have a list of customer testimonials and test cases that showcase the abilities they have.

What metrics do these firms focus on?

When discussing SEO, it can be quite easy to get confused with all of the jargon. Words such as backlinks, keywords and rankings get tossed around on a regular basis. Although the terminology is important, if you are working with a good SEO company they should be able to translate the jargon for their customers into plain English.

They ask you questions and discuss what your opportunities and options are s they determine which are the best practices to use for your specific company. Utilizing social media, pay-per-click and organic options, a legitimate SEO company will be able to develop a plan that can assist your company with meeting its goals. Would you like to drive people to your doors or boost awareness? If you are looking for conversions, the best firm will primarily focus on them for their clients. Although traffic and rankings are important, in the end it is action and sales that are most important.

What is the company’s link building and content philosophy?

Quality should always be emphasized over quantity. Getting a certain number of good backlinks coming from high quality sources isn’t something that can be predicted. Therefore, any firm promising a specific high number of these kinds of links should be questioned. Engaging in black hat SEO isn’t ever the answer. That includes buying links in any way.

Really good search engine optimization relies on building solid relationships with your customers, stakeholders and the World Wide Web alongside quality content marketing.

What is the company’s keyword strategy?

Searchers, more than ever, use full sentences, long-tail keywords and natural language instead of using only a few keywords. If many short keywords or keyword stuffing is suggested by the firm as part of their strategy in order for you to get noticed, be very wary.

In recent years, keyword strategies have changed so that the focus is now on long-tail result more instead of merely “golden keywords” that so many clients belief are going to bring high traffic to them.

What reporting process does the SEO company use?

If the SEO company you are considering gets evasive about this question, you should run away fast. It is easy to obtain statistics in our digital world. However, the “why” and “how” can deliver the greatest ROI. Your traffic may have increased, but is your SEO company able to tell you where exactly the traffic is coming from? The ideal SEO company will provide you with monthly reports that give you a snapshot of the overall health of your business along with a solid plan for growth. When you are checking case studies and talking to references is it something that you should be looking for.

How do they feel?

Your gut is often the best thing you have to go on when hiring anyone new of any position. Talk to them, negotiate with them and see if you can reach a position where you’re comfortable with them. Even if most things check out well, if you’re uncomfortable with something at the back of your mind, then it’s best to listen to that little voice. Your intuition often has good ground for basis, as you probably well know by now.

These tips should help you get in choosing the right SEO company that will push you to the top of the search engine results and aid your sales.

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