How to Get the Most Money for Your Home

houseSelling your home is a delicate balancing act. For the majority of us, there are two main goals: to achieve a quick turnaround, and to obtain the best price possible. The former keeps costs down; the advantages of the latter are blatantly obvious.

There are some who suggest that the two are mutually exclusive: that you can only sell quickly if you’re prepared to accept a lower price. Fortunately for sellers, this isn’t true. The steps that you take to achieve one will often prove beneficial to both, and luckily for you, we’ve got a few of them listed below…

#1: Choose the Right Estate Agent

The golden rule for achieving a successful sale is this: choose your estate agent wisely. Although many assume that there is little difference between various companies, the property industry is competitive, and you’ll find that a small amount of research reveals a range of different prices and packages. For a quick turnaround and a valuable sale, online estate agents like the House Network are well worth a try, as they keep costs low and are able to market their properties to the widest possible audience. Whoever you choose, do your homework carefully to find a company whose track record is in keeping with both your budget and your aims.

#2: Improve Your Property’s Kerb Appeal

Once you’ve found the right estate agent, you need to think about improving the product that’s on offer. First appearances are everything, and this means that a neat and tidy exterior will be of great benefit if you want to achieve the best price possible. A fresh lick of paint for your doors and window frames, a newly mowed lawn, and a tidy garden will do wonders for transforming your home into somebody else’s dream property. Then you can can sell with special warranty deed.

#3: Neaten and Neutralise

The appearance of your interior will also prove important when it comes to maximising your profit margins. When people buy property, they’re purchasing a dream for the future, and they’ll pay more for this if they can imagine it in all of its potential glory. Expecting viewers to see through dirt and grime is a losing game, as few people have the capacity to imagine it transformed. Even those who do will be reluctant to pay above the odds for a property that needs some work, however minor and superficial it may be. To help your cause, the solution is simple: clear up, clean up, de-clutter, and neutralise your colour palette. An oasis of clean magnolia walls, freshly laid cream carpets, and sparkling surfaces will have your potential buyers envisioning what they can do with your property the second that they walk through the door.

Achieve the sale you want today: simply follow these three top tips.

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