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Great Web Design: 11 Key Aspects

Website development is a key part of business in the 21st century and businesses must give serious thought to what’s now commonly known as their online real estate. Great websites deliver outstanding results for small businesses, while substandard websites waste substantial amounts of money and time on ineffectual online marketing. Here are 11 key aspects of web design that are essential for effective small business online marketing.

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Website development is a key part of business in the 21st century and businesses must give serious thought to what’s now commonly known as their online real estate. Great websites deliver outstanding results for small businesses, while substandard websites waste substantial amounts of money and time on ineffectual online marketing. Here are 11 key aspects of web design that are essential for effective small business online marketing.

  1. Nail the Pitch

Research has shown that viewers spend seven seconds or less on 90 per cent of the websites they visit. This is a short amount of time to get across who the business is, what it accomplishes, and why it is the best in its industry (and why anyone should choose you!). It is critical to provide this information at the forefront and secure the pitch on the homepage.

It is important to spend time refining core marketing ideas. The tagline, design, and first two sentences of the website content must be strong and well defined. A short, succinct paragraph that outlines the sincerity of the brand, as well as its concentration and target audience, should be presented. There is much information to get across and a brief period of time in which to convey it. The pitch must be concise, yet persuasive.

  1. Clear Calls-to-Action

A common query from small business owners is why their website conversion is not successful. Oftentimes, the answer is the lack of calls-to-action. Commonly used calls-to-action involve Buy Now icons and phone numbers. Sometimes they have greater delicacy, directing visitors to a next step initially. Calls-to-action are intended to engage visitors and lead them down the conversion road. Website users desire precise information before committing to a purchase. Intelligent calls-to-action predict the visitor’s next move and carefully guide them through the website in a premeditated manner to create an informative and emotional experience.

Professional web designers recommend that a contact number should be located at the top of every page of the website and complete business contact information should be located in the footer of every page. This should have quick and simple access links as this is generally the most sought-after website content. This is even more the case for mobile sites, as visitors are mostly looking for rapid access information like operating hours, a physical address, and a phone number.

  1. Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is often a neglected element. However, it is actually one of the easiest aspects to implement. Small business owners need to comprehend precisely how many sales and enquiries the website has garnered, as well as what directed visitors to the website. Another key piece of information is the amount of money that was spent to get the visitor there. Conversion tracking gives accurate measurements of marketing dividends, evaluation of modifications or improvements to the site, and the success of the website. Professional website designers possess the expertise to help small business owners with accurate conversion tracking.

  1. About Us Page

Two of the poorest and most frequent mistakes that are made in the design phase of the About Us page are that the content is uninteresting and the content induces emotions of displacement. An effective About Us page is actually more about the visitor and less about the company.

A website is not only made for clients, the success or failure of the website is dependent upon the clients. By extending this thinking, then the About Us page ought be about the clients also. The About Us page should still include an engaging description of the individuals and the business’ goals, as customers want to know who they are establishing a relationship with. In addition, customers want to know precisely what it is that the company can do to enhance their lives. The About Us page, and, in fact, the whole website, ought be created with content detailing the benefits that will be received by visitors.

  1. High-Quality Content

Quality content is key to effectual marketing. Quality content is needed in order to tell the company’s story, draw in the target audience, and elucidate what issues it will solve. Every item of content needs to be valuable, educational, and enticing. The content must be comprehensive and be provided in sections that are matched to client interests.

Website content is a key resource in directing visitors to make positive purchase decisions. Content should work cohesively with the website design and the company brand so that clients are provided with an engaging, exciting experience. High-quality content shows integrity and authority, which will induce visitors to purchase from the company. Strong content demonstrates that the business is committed to spending time and effort on getting across its message in an agreeable and intelligent manner.

  1. Design Aesthetics

Visitors are more likely to stay on a company’s website when the website is aesthetically pleasing and visually compelling. Further, visitors are more likely to return and also to share the site with relatives and friends. A visually stimulating design immediately indicates the high-quality level of the product or service, and of the company.

Research has shown that people respond fervently to visual stimulation. This can have a significant impact on a business. Unattractive and staid visual stimuli will gives the picture that the business is below average. It is obvious then that using a professional web designer can be critical to the success of a company.

  1. UX Rationale

A website designed around visitor goals and sentiments encourages visitors to engage, which improves conversions. It is critical to consider why users visit the website and what it is that they are seeking. Business owners need to see the website as though through the visitors’ eyes, which is what skilled web designers do. It is crucial to predict visitor desires and needs, and to straight away provide an effectual solution.

The whole website needs to be easy for visitors to access, no matter whether they are looking for product specifications, prices, or simply contact details. The visitor’s desires should be met before they have even realised what it is that they need.

  1. Mobile-Friendly

25 per cent of people on the internet use a smartphone to access the internet. Research has shown that people are moving from traditional technology, such as desktop computers, to mobile devices at greater rates every year. It follows that websites must be not only be able to be viewed on mobile devices, but in fact be optimised especially for mobile users.

Responsive layout makes sure that no matter what device a person uses, the website will provide effectual and efficient content. It may be necessary for particularly intricate websites to be custom-designed by professional web builders. However, mobile users should not be neglected. Mobile users are left unfulfilled if they have to access desktop websites, as it is cumbersome, and sometimes almost impossible, to navigate menus, links, or anything else users may be looking for. Professional website designers are experts in providing advice to business owners about the best plan for for their business and situation.

  1. Stable Structure & Dynamic Content Management System

A website’s usability, the efficiency of the delivery of updates, and visitor interaction are all highly dependent on which platform the website was built on. The importance of structure versus website performance cannot be stated strongly enough. This is particularly crucial to ecommerce sites. The following features are critical, and if they are absent, this will result in much time wasted when optimising for search engines, fixing errors, and publishing new content.

  • Simple content-editing, accessible from all devices
  • Fast loading times
  • SEO-ready
  • Large community of developers and users, like WordPress
  • Software is regularly updated and supported actively by developers
  1. Marketing Strategy

A company’s online presence is insufficient alone to generate sales and queries. The top strategy is to work out the optimal means of broadcasting the content, attract traffic via search engines, and establish high conversion rates. Businesses have a number of options at their disposal, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media, email marketing, and pay-per-click (PPC). It depends on the particular industry and company as to what will produce the best results.

The key to establishing the defining method is to try out all of the available channels. Ultimately, it is a procedure of trial and error when establishing what is most effective for the desired audience.

  1. Professional Web Design

A professional web design company can be the best means by which to successfully implement all of the aspects that have been discussed here. It is not necessary for small business owners to be adept at writing, designing, or marketing their website. A professional web designer will save time at the start and money in the long-term.

Before bringing on board a particular web designer, business owners should find out about their expertise level, and should ask for evidence of the designer’s prior work. A professional web designer will confer with the business owner before, during, and after the creation of the website. It is critical to contract a web designer who is experienced and well established. They should proffer a portfolio that has information about previous websites they have worked on that are akin to what is intended with yours. A strong relationship with a suitable web designer can dictate the success of the website and the business.