Online Marketing Basics for Small Business: Week 5 – Email Marketing

emailThe last week of this five-part series on online marketing fundamentals for small business will finish up with a look at email marketing. With over 210 billion emails sent every day, email marketing remains the preferred means of brand communication for 48 per cent of consumers. As one of the more tried-and-tested methods of online marketing, it has also become one of the most effective, with the number of small businesses utilising it for marketing increasing by 25 per cent annually.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the procedure of sending emails to a database of existing customers or potential customers with the aim of getting business, increasing awareness of the brand, or establishing trust and loyalty. Generally it is a newsletter, a promotion, or an educational sequence. Oftentimes the emails are strongly branded with a focus on getting click-throughs to a specific landing page or website.

Why Should You Invest In Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a very successful marketing channel as it pushes a response that is direct and can be measured. Like Pay-Per-Click (PPC), it is also simple to test and even simpler to accurately track data, assisting you to form an understanding of which sorts of emails work and which don’t work so well. Further, email marketing often provides a good return on investment (ROI), as it has a low implementation cost and the potential for big returns.

What To Expect From Email Marketing

Depending on the sort of emails you elect to send out, you can anticipate getting a pretty rapid response from your audience. Issuing a newsletter monthly will aid in maintaining your relationship with your existing customers and may even see you up-sell your products and services to those current customers. If you are sending out an email to potential customers, you may discover that particular emails and strategies function better than others for the generation of leads. This will assist you in gaining the requisite knowledge to optimise future emails that you choose to send, meaning that your results will improve every time.

As over 65% of emails are opened on a mobile device as with your website, you need to embrace the principles of responsive web design with your email marketing. Making sure your emails are mobile friendly will ensure your subscribers can easily read your emails and this will likely boost your click and conversion rates.

Bonus tip

When you are just getting started, it can be hard to establish a faithful base of subscribers that have opted in to get your emails. By putting in place an inbound marketing approach, tempt visitors to sign up to your mailing list by giving them a free download in exchange for providing their email address. This is an excellent way to build up your database, and it is also a really good means by which to begin fostering leads with value-led material.

Email marketing has been called passé by a number of experts in online marketing, due to it being one of the earliest methods of online marketing. However, email marketing has been able to mature and refine its best practices, compared with fairly new channels such as social media. This means that email marketing is a highly effective and relatively simple online marketing process to familiarise yourself with. As your business’ mailing list increases, take note of metrics and ensure that you are optimising your strategy to get the best results possible.

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