Website Design. Part Two: Flexibility

laptopThe internet and your consumers are constantly changing. When you are designing a website, it’s important to consider the end result and its adaptability to future change. You want a website design that is easy to adapt and scale. Businesses always grow, expand, and evolve from where they started. Having a website that is able to grow with your business is essential.

Cons of hiring a web design company:

When it comes to the flexibility of websites, I have to admit that it’s challenging to give a reason why you wouldn’t hire a web design company. Scalability goes hand in hand with a benefit of custom web design. The only con that may exist is that you will need to outline your long-term goals and visions with your web designer. Many design companies can help you see the bigger picture; however, as this is your business, it’s ideal if you provide input so that your mark is made on your site.

Pros of hiring a web design company:

Working with a professional web design company will offer your business the most flexible site possible. Most design companies build websites on a Content Management System (CMS), such as WordPress or Drupal. These Content Management Systems allow clients to easily edit and update their content on their own, without the need for programming skills. This is a powerful feature for your site, as surely you’ll need to add products or services over time, and would prefer not to have to hire a developer to make the changes on your behalf.

Cons of building a site using pre-made templates:

The very definition of the term “template” hints at the lack of flexibility these sites provide you. Templates are often set-in-stone designs that feature some module ‘ad-ons’, but nothing compared to what you get from a web designer. Sure, some templates might be tailored to your niche (think a “restaurant template”); however, your business should be unique, even within your given industry. No template will ever fully meet your present-day or future needs; so you must be willing to compromise if you choose a template.

Pros of building a site using pre-made templates:

If you don’t anticipate your business growing and changing over the next few years, then a template will work well for you. Regardless, you’ll still have to make compromises to make your template “work” for you; but if these compromises seem acceptable or negligible at the stage your business is at, then a template-based website design is a good fit.


Few businesses would expect to not grow and change over the course of a few years, which is why a scalable website is a must. While the compromises of today may work for your company, that may not be the case in the future. When it comes to scalability- the flexibility offered by a professional web design is the best choice for most businesses.

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